Senior Farewell “Hello” | Erin McMahon

To my Scripps PRSSA family,

I was told that I had to write some kind of “Senior Farewell,” which is equally exciting and depressing all at the same time. I’m not really good at goodbyes… ask anybody. These kinds of transitions are really difficult for me. How do you truly say “goodbye” to a group of people that you’ve gotten to know extensively over the past four years, to an organization that set you up for success and helped you figure out where you’re going today? It seems pretty difficult to sum that up in one letter.





So, in lieu of saying “goodbye,” I’m choosing to say “hello.” You might think, “Huh, that’s a little bit weird.” But this organization taught me to say “hello,” and what better way to sum up my time here than to use the introduction that this organization has forced me to say quite frequently over the past few years.

My time in PRSSA gave me the opportunity to say “hello” to a new career in public relations. Never did I once think that I would switch my career from broadcast journalism to media relations. I’ve said “hello” to tasks I thought I could never complete, like writing press releases, blogs and fact sheets or better yet, coming up with an entire year of programming for one of the most well-known organizations on campus. I said “hello” to professionals from our field that have inspired me to be a better communicator, and even a better person.Last but not least, I said “hello” to a few of my new best friends, who have inspired me to work hard, laugh at myself and time after time are there for me with love and open arms.




As I prepare to graduate in a few short days, I now have the opportunity to say “hello” to the future of this organization. Hello to new members, who are preparing for the best times of their college careers and have an amazing future ahead of them due to their involvement. Take care of these ones – they’re relying on you for advice and guidance. Hello to the professionals who will be speaking at our weekly meetings. Hello to the new executive board. You may fall and you may fail but remember that you have each other along the way.


Finally, hello to those who aren’t sure where they are in life or what they’re doing in their career or may just be having a bad day. While I may not physically be in Athens, I am a call or text away should you need anything at all. (I mean that. Seriously bother me all the time. Please.)





With that, I say thank you to everyone who made my time in this organization one to remember. Scripps PRSSA is what it is because of all of you, and know that your hard work and determination do not go unnoticed. You have inspired me and for that, I owe you the world.

Thanks for it all. Until we have the chance to say “hello” again.




Erin McMahon is graduating journalism-strategic communication major. She is also the outgoing 2017-2018 Executive Vice President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her post-grad adventures in Chicago on Twitter @emcmahon1

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