The PR Profession, as Told by John Mulaney

Sometimes, being a young PRofessional has its share of trials and tribulations. In a high-stress, fast-paced work environment, it’s easy to burn out or get overwhelmed. Luckily, we have godsends, like one John Mulaney, to help us unwind and laugh away our troubles. Much can be learned from his unique and captivating style of storytelling, and at the very least, he’ll leave you howling with his relatable tales of misfortunes and memories. If you’ve never watched his sidesplitting standups, you absolutely must. (You might even pick up on some bits and turns of phrase that you’ve heard Emily O’Flynn and me imitate). Those of you who are already die-hard fans will recognize these jokes, and now you’ll be able to add even more Comeback Kid quotes into your daily vocabulary. So, to help brighten your Monday, here’s the life of a young PR Star as told by John Mulaney:

When the Twitter trolls won’t leave your brand alone:


When the airline industry has its fifth PR crisis in a month:



Trying to write a nice professional bio for you LinkedIn profile:


When an interviewer asks why your only graphic design experience is in Canva:


When you run out of synonyms for the word you’ve used fourteen times in one press release:


Writing the recap blog of your latest travels while trying not to insert 6,792 photos:


When you lowkey hate the product/event/brand that you’re promoting:


Your brain after typing a million phone numbers into a media list:


When you tell your boss that AP Style mistake was just a typo:


Apartment hunting on an intern salary:

When you get locked out of every social platform because you can’t keep all your accounts’ passwords straight:


When you can’t help but revel in someone else’s massive PR disaster:


And lastly, as you take on a new week, remember:


(All quote credits to John Mulaney.)




Maura is a Senior Journalism-Strategic Communication major and the current Scripps PRSSA VP of Member Relations. You can find her and more Mulaney Memes on Twitter @agentmanderson

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