Meet Rachel O’Morrow | 2018-19 Managing Director of 1804 Communication

I can barely contain my excitement that in just a few weeks my fellow Bobcats and I will be back on the bricks together to begin Fall Semester. In fact, it will be my fourth and final year in Athens. Although I don’t like to think about my time in Athens coming to an end, I’m extremely grateful for the friends and memories I’ve made so far the last three years, as well as the valuable lessons my college experience has taught me. One experience I’m looking forward to the most is serving as Managing Director for 1804 Communication. I’m ready to be a critical leader in an organization that has influenced who I am today and opened a door of opportunities during my college career.

1804 Communication was introduced to students at the beginning of Fall Semester last year, making the 2018-2019 academic year it’s second in existence since merging Public Relation’s Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) ImPRessions and Thumbprint. Our foundation as an integrated communications firm is set. I’m excited to continue growing and improving our organization with an intelligent and innovative executive team.

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1804 Communication holds a value to be an innovative agency. A goal for our firm this upcoming year is to provide our clients with metrics in order to measure the success of our work. Forbes states in an article on 2018 PR trends that it is critical to measure success by providing quantitative and qualitative data to clients. Not only will this tactic show our clients a ROI, the data will help build tangible portfolio work for students.

In June I had the privilege to attend PRSSA’s Leadership Rally in Scottsdale, Arizona with Scripps PRSSA President Brigitte Meisse. During this conference, I networked with many campus firm directors from across the country. A reoccurring topic of discussion was how to establish accountability within a student-led communications firm. Not only is accountability one of 1804 Communication’s core values, it is another goal to maintain during the 2018-2019 academic year.


One strategy to achieve this goal is implementing signed agreements for all team members that highlight firm guidelines, principles, and clearly define each member’s role. When we establish accountability between members, our hope is that firm retention increases and team members make themselves more available to create innovative work for clients and communicate seamlessly between departments.

With these goals and more, I’m confident that our firm will continue to flourish and grow. I’m ready to dedicate my final year at Ohio University as 1804 Communication’s Managing Director and to ensure community, professional growth, and mentorship within our agency. As I always think and know to be true, students from diverse backgrounds and I are fortunate to have an on-campus opportunity to create purposeful work for real-world clients. I look forward to recruiting and retaining members as they discover how 1804 Communication is a unique opportunity to amplify their professional and personal development.

On behalf of 1804 Communication, we want to welcome you to our purpose-driven year!

Rachel O'Morrow Headshot



Rachel O’Morrow is a senior Journalism- Strategic Communication major and the 2018-19 Managing Director of 1804 Communication at Ohio University

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