Your 2018-2019 Executive Board is Ready for Ya!

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Your Scripps PRSSA Executive Board is ready to be back on the bricks! We have a lot planned for our Chapter this year and we cannot wait to share it with you. We are less than a week away from school starting and where we can all be together once more – so let’s get to know our executive board a little bit better!

 President | Brigitte Meisse

Brigitte 2

This isn’t a competition and success isn’t a piece of pie – we can all have some success! Once you learn to feel comfortable with your own experience and stop comparing yourself to others, you will be happier than ever.

Brigitte is a senior double-majoring in journalism strategic communication and communication studies. She is very passionate about travel & tourism public relations and would love to work for a destination or resort. This year, Brigitte wants to focus on creating an environment that is inclusive to more than just journalism majors. She wants students of all differing communications majors to feel welcome!


Executive Vice President | Sadie NewmanSadie Newman

I’ve found that sometimes it’s okay to skip the A if it means taking time to do something that makes you happy.

Sadie is a senior majoring in journalism strategic communication with a specialization in world religion and a certificate in global leadership. She wants to work for a company that has a global focus and a passion for helping others. Sadie is looking forward to revamping the Scripps PRSSA diversity committee, which will include a new director position, providing members with a comfortable space to talk through a range of issues in regard to diversity in the Chapter, on campus, in the industry and more.


Vice President of Member Relations | Maura Andersonmaura

Get involved! Some of my best experience comes from Scripps PRSSA and 1804 Communication. Find at least one “fun” organization that lets you meet new people and take your mind off of schoolwork and career goals. Your time at OU will fly, so take the time to enjoy Athens.

Maura is a senior studying journalism strategic communication with a minor in marketing and a certificate in social media. Maura loves public relations, especially event planning. She is very interested in working for a travel/tourism brand or nonprofit organization. Maura is bringing a slew of experience to the Chapter, after interning as a marketing intern at Ripepi Winery and Vineyard and as the social media manager for the Ohio University Office of Global Opportunities.


Vice President of Finance | Margaret Mary HicksMargaret Mary

Embrace OU with open arms and an open mind. Exposure to different things and going out of my comfort zone has provided me with some of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Make your parents proud and measure success on your own terms.

Margaret Mary is a senior majoring in journalism strategic communication with specializations in media and political science and a certificate in social media. Margaret’s dream job is to be a communications lead for a major fashion company. Margaret loves to hang out with her dog Honey and cat Ollie, as well as enjoy her Wednesday evenings at Slice Night. Be sure to ask Margaret Mary about her experience traveling abroad to Ireland, where she learned even more about her Irish heritage.


Vice President of External Relations | Emily O’FlynnEmily

The easiest way to make friends with upperclassmen is swiping them into dining halls!

Emily is a senior studying journalism strategic communication with specializations in marketing and media. She loves going to Union Street Diner with friends or catch a movie at the Athena Cinema. Emily’s goal is to work for a company that has a great work culture and win a 40 under 40 award. Emily recently finished spending her summer as a client services intern for Buzzfeed, so be sure to ask her all about her experience living in New York City and her advice for applying to internships out of state.


Vice President of Public Relations | Cade FlemingCade

Ohio University has so much to offer and if you surround yourself with people that lift you up, you will accomplish all of your goals. Take wins and losses in stride, continually learn and know your value!

 Cade is a junior studying journalism strategic communication with a minor in marketing and certificate in social media. He hopes to someday work for a company that will provide him with a platform to manage strategic communication initiatives on a broader level. Cade’s long list of experiences, include working on the media team for Green Savoree Racing Promotions and as the Account Intern at Event Marketing Strategies have readied him to take on his role as Vice President of Public Relations.


Vice President of Social Media | Livi WiseIMG_1964

No one knows exactly what they’re doing. Mess up, make mistakes, and laugh at yourself.

Livi is a junior majoring in journalism strategic communication with a marketing minor and a certificate in social media. Her career goal is to combine her love of music with public relations and work for a concert or music festival venue. She is incredibly passionate about being a part of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a memorable experience for concert/festival attendees. Livi loves spending her time listening to music, sipping on smoothies and adventuring with her friends and family.


Vice President of Social Affairs | Jessica RutkowskiUnknown

Comparison is the thief of joy; don’t stress yourself out over not having the “perfect” path.

Jessica is a junior studying journalism strategic communication major with specializations in marketing and leadership. She brings a diverse set of experiences to our Chapter, having been a freelancer for a local newspaper, a digital media intern of the Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Ohio, a Bobcat Student Orientation leader and a social media coordinator for the National Student Leadership Conference. Jess is her happiest self when drinking iced coffee and listening to Jack Johnson. Connect with Jessica to learn more about what events Scripps PRSSA will be holding this year!


Vice President of Visual Communication | Sami MorsinkSami

Don’t feel like you have to “fit the mold” of what everyone else is doing. Follow your own passions and don’t feel pressured if that’s not what seems expected of you.

Sami is a junior studying journalism strategic communication with a minor in marketing and certificate in social media. She is a Bobcat through and through and spent the past summer working in Athens as the Social Media Intern for Bobcat Student Orientation. She was also a Creative Strategist for 1804 Communication last year. Sami hopes to someday work in an agency that strives to make the environment better for society. She is at her happiest when she is with friends on a sunny day in Athens!

Ebaord 2

Be sure to check out our first meeting of the year on Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. and stop on by the University Involvement Fair to say hello! If you have any questions regarding our meetings, our love of public relations or you just want to chat, shoot us an email at Get ready for the best year yet!

Sadie Newman



Sadie Newman is a senior majoring in journalism strategic communication. She is also the 2018-19 Executive Vice President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her adventures on Twitter @RealSlimmSadie


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