Five Jobs in Politics for PR Professionals

Have you ever thought about going into politics, but don’t want to be a front-line politician? I know I have. Politics can be crazy, exhilarating, and exhausting all at the same time. In today’s rapidly changing political landscape, some people want to be involved in the field, but not in the traditional way of being a politician. Luckily for them, there are many options in PR specifically. Here are five jobs involving PR you can find in politics:


  1. Press Secretary: As the PR specialists of the political world, press secretaries handle press releases, press conferences, public events and much more. They are needed for big and small offices, ranging from the president to individual lawmakers.


  1. Media Strategist: Utilized mostly during campaigns, strategists showcase their PR skills through media. This job includes portraying the candidate you are representing in a positive way. This includes using social media, radio and TV advertisements to promote your candidate. Creating powerful campaigns to help your candidate is essential to this job.


  1. Political Speechwriter: We all know good writing is an absolute necessity to a PR professional. As stated in the job title, this includes writing speeches for political figures for any event where a speech is needed. These are some of the behind the scenes thinkers, whose work can become some of the most scrutinized and/or famous words.


  1. Communications Coordinator: A broader job description and more of a managerial position, they oversee all communications. This position is needed in political organizations, campaigns and offices. Coordinators oversee all communications efforts including strategies, content, and any other communication with the public.


  1. Media Analyst: This job involves researching and analyzing data involving the campaign. Analysts use data gathered to determine how effective the media tactics are and what more can be done to get the message out.

You don’t have to be a political science major to go into politics! There are plenty of way to put your communications degree to work in the political sphere.




Alexa is a sophomore Journalism-Strategic Communication major and you can keep up with her Twitter @alexa_grillis


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