April 1 – Allison Gunnell, Empower

Scripps PRSSA was thrilled to welcome Allison Gunnell, a Social Media Specialist at Empower in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Allison was a 2016 graduate of Ohio University and the Scripps School of Journalism in the strategic communication track. Throughout her time at OHIO, she participated in ImPRessions, PRSSA, interned at a NYC fashion PR shop run by Kelly Cutrone of “The Hills” and was a Scripps School Ambassador. As a Social Media Specialist at Empower in Cincinnati, Allison is a social media powerhouse for her clients. She gracefully bridges the gap from organic content approaches to paid solutions, with a focus on building and maintaining active and thriving social communities. At Empower, Allison has contributed to the Dremel, RotoZip, Shaw Floors, Land O’Frost, Bush’s Beans and the Buffalo Wings & Rings teams.

Here are some takeaways:

  • “It is a nice wide variety in an agency… things are changing a lot.” – Allison Gunnell when talking about her experience in agency work.
  • When it comes to managing social media, you need to have a specific audience in mind for each post.



  • If you are unsure about an idea, you should follow through, because it may be rewarding for you in the end.
  • Time management and organization are huge, now in college and all throughout your career. You need to start balancing how your time is being spent. Get ahead of work when you can, because it will be easier in the end.
  • It is essential to be transparent with your clients and team to make sure you’re meeting deadlines.


  • When there is a change, you need to be flexible and able to adapt.
  • It is important to know the company values before accepting the job. It can be beneficial when you choose a company that aligns with what you stand for.


  • “I come in with no real experience, first couple months are a training opportunity…soak up the opportunity…no one is expecting you to go in there and know everything!”- Allison Gunnell when talking about her adjustment process to a new job.
  • Having difficult experiences will help you to eventually find your passion, that internship can be something that stands out in resumes.
  • Make connections with professors because they may have a hand in helping you find your future career.




Kelly Lambers is a freshman communication studies major and member of the Special Events Committee. She can be found on Twitter @kellylambers.

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