Senior Farewell: Sadie Newman – Don’t Blink

Don’t blink, they said. Freshman year will be over before you know it.

Don’t blink, they said. Sophomore year will be over before you know it.

Don’t blink, they said. Junior year will be over before you know it.

Don’t blink, they said. Senior year will be over before you know it.

Well, I blinked, folks. And, let me tell ya, they were right. Yesterday, I was a freshman, walking into Washington hall for the first time, eager to meet as many people as I could, in hopes of finding my best friends and today I sit on my couch, next to my very best friend that I made freshman year, writing a senior farewell. Oh, does it go by so fast.

Let’s be honest – I don’t feel old enough to be a senior in college about to graduate, let alone old enough to write something that is some kind of prolific farewell, full of advice that will miraculously change your life forever – that’s a lot of pressure (lol).

However, I will leave you with one simple idea: Don’t blink.

Appreciate every moment. Athens is special and so is its people. There is nothing like an Athens sunset after a long day of class or walking down the street and seeing a million people that you know. It’s the perfect place to be silly, be sad, be happy – be whatever you want to be!

Over the next few years, you’ll discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You’ll meet people that you never thought you could be so incredibly close to. It’s so cool; it really is. It’s four years of intensely great moments and never-ending memories.

It’s weird to think that I have to leave soon and start the next chapter. But a few shoutouts before I go.

To the freshman: It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you over the past year. You all are so special, and I can’t wait to come back and see all of the cool things you’re doing. You’re the future and I have full confidence that you’re going to rock the next few years.

To the sophomores: You’re half-way there and killin’ it! I wish each of you the best of luck in the coming years, and just as I wrote to the freshman, I can’t wait to see all your brilliance grow even more (if that’s possible).

To the soon to be seniors: Congrats! You’re so close to being done. Remember to work hard – but mostly have fun. Life is short and college is even shorter, so spend every second you can with each other, just being ridiculous.

To all of the seniors: You are the most brilliant people I’ve ever met and not seeing you every Monday night is going to take some serious getting used to. It’s been such a privilege growing up over the past four years next to you. I cannot wait to see what amazing things you accomplish, which I’m sure will be nothing less than extraordinary.

Well…that’s my schpeel. It’s been a pleasure. If you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out. I’m sure I’ll be dying for some Bobcat connections.

Remember, breathe in every moment. Enjoy the calmness of college green before the first class of the day, revel in the nights you get to spend with your friends and please, for the love of God, don’t ever blink – it will be over before you know it.

Sadie Newman is a graduating journalism-strategic communication. She is also the outgoing 2018-2019 Executive Vice President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her post-grad adventures on Twitter @RealSlimmSadie

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