Senior Farewell: Margaret Mary Hicks – Until We Meet Again

I spent my first-ever Welcome Weekend crying to my parents at the OU Inn. I was scared to live away from home and worried I made the wrong decision on going to OU.

Boy, was I wrong. This is so beyond cliché, but choosing Ohio University has been the best decision I have ever made. I am tearing up at the thought of having to leave this little old town on the bricks.

The successes I have celebrated and the failures I have learned from have come with endless support from friends, family, colleagues and mentors. Lucky is an understatement when describing the community I have made in my four short years here.

But like all good things, it will not last forever. The countless days spent giggling in Schoonover Lobby with beloved friends will soon come to an end. My days as a college student at the best college in the nation are fleeting and my time here has gone by with the blink of an eye.

Soon, my friends and I will be scattered across the country (and the world, in my case), living out our dreams and using the skills we learned at the happiest place on earth. Other friends are lucky enough to have a couple years left to enjoy in Athens.

I have been built up through the countless opportunities Ohio University has given me. Through my humble beginnings in Learning Community A that gave me lifelong friends and a foundation for success, to joining PRSSA my sophomore year and going on to be elected as Vice President of Finance and to my most recent endeavor to Hong Kong that ignited a long-lost passion for travel and everything in between.

There is a gaelic saying that has been stuck in my head for awhile now as I reflect on my time at Ohio University. It is “go deo i mo chroí,” which means “forever in my heart” in English.

If my time at Ohio University could be encapsulated into a short phrase, that would be it. The only consolation of my tears is that I was blessed enough to feel them for the indescribable memories I will have for the rest of my life.

May the road rise up to meet you, until we meet again.

Margaret Mary Hicks is a graduating journalism-strategic communication major. She is also the outgoing 2018-2019 Vice President of Finance of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her post-grad adventures on Twitter @mmhicks19

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