PReparing for Internship Season

Internship-hunting season is just around the corner, but don’t freak out! Here are three ways you can take advantage of all Scripps PRSSA has to offer and build skills that will help you get a great summer internship:

Get Growing

Every year, Scripps PRSSA hosts a number of professional development workshops. These student-lead seminars give you the opportunity to learn new skills or brush up on old ones and help you build peer connections. Through individual and collaborative exercises, PRSSA workshops can help you cultivate skills like PR writing, social media skills, and personal branding… just in time for internship season!

Ask, Ask, Ask

A portion of each PRSSA meeting is often dedicated to asking questions. Use this time to your advantage! Want clarification on a specific topic? Looking for general advice? Write it down and ask the speaker at the end of the meeting. Additionally, listening to questions from other members can help you formulate your own, and the responses to their inquiries may benefit you as well. Another way to get the most out of speakers is to attend networking dinners after each meeting. These dinners are a great way to connect with speakers on a personal level and ask additional questions, plus they allow you to get to know other chapter members.

Create Connections

Scripps PRSSA offers several opportunities for you to network with PR professionals during spring semester. Traveling with the chapter to New York or Indianapolis during this year’s networking trips, attending a PRSSA National District Conference, and getting to know speakers at networking dinners are all great ways to grow your network and develop connections that can help you score a great summer internship. You never know where a professional may be able to help you out during your internship search!

Katherine Keber is a sophomore studying strategic communication and the current VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @katherinekeber!

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