March 30 – Demi Knight Clark, She Built This City

Scripps PRSSA was excited to welcome Demi Knight Clark from She Built This City to speak to the Chapter – virtually!

Demi Knight Clark is a 19-year South Carolina resident, from Bluffton to Mt. Pleasant to Fort Mill with her family. A longtime construction industry executive, she was consistently the “only woman in the room” in many meetings & boardrooms. In her 2020 life, she’s a consultant in organizational efficiency, revenue generation & marketing activity; internal culture programs & diversity/inclusion.

Demi is also the founder & “Chief Spark Igniter” of She Built This City, a nonprofit empowering girls 9-17 in construction trade/maker skills; as well as connecting interested women to appropriate training, paid internships & immediate positions in the construction industry – solving the #20PercentBy2020 challenge!

In her spare time, she has completed 10 marathons & is set to earn her Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher medal in Tokyo 2020; accomplished Wattie Ink Hit Squad Ironman Triathlete & Tri It For Life Charlotte mentor; & summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2019 with Women High on Adventure on International Women’s Day. On any given day, you can find her run/bike/swimming or scaling a summit – in both work and life! She is active in her Fort Mill community & and has a husband, Brian; and two teen daughters, Willa (13) at Pleasant Knoll Elementary & Maizie (15) at Fort Mill High School.

Connect with Demi on LinkedIn here!

Key highlights include:

  • Never be afraid of a job you are not qualified for – jump in wholeheartedly.
  • Attitude is everything!!!
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Try to surround yourself in your new environment with people that are completely unlike you.
  • Constantly ask yourself “what am I going to do about it?”
  • Know your margins – if you don’t have it, say no.
  • If you want something, you have to give it your all.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for money! You HAVE to have sales skills.
  • Don’t “fluff” around with people. Get to the bottom line and find out how you can help each other.
  • If you’re looking for a job, get good at content creation! There is a major need for it right now.
  • Connect in any human way you can during COVID-19: Zoom meetings, Facetime, etc.
  • Consider going out and working in the real world before attending grad school. Employers love to see that you have real hands on experience.
  • Get involved! We are the generation that will change the world.

Sydney Davis is a senior studying strategic communication and the current VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn here!

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