April 13 – Virtual Grad Panel

Scripps PRSSA was more than happy to welcome several recent graduates to speak to the Chapter about their careers and life post-grad.

Key highlights include:

  • When you work for an agency, every day is different!
  • “Know your worth and that everything you’re doing is right,” Emily O’Flynn on job searching.
  • “If you’re interested in going to grad school or going abroad, make sure you do your research,” Margaret Mary Hicks on attending grad school.
  • “Don’t take the first job you get if it’s not the job you want,” Alyssa Murtagh on accepting a post-grad position.
  • When you are applying to jobs outside of Ohio, make sure you take your address off your resume.
  • Find a way to incorporate your passions into something.
  • When applying for grad school, ask yourself what you can do to stand out. Make sure your personal statement really embodies your intentions.
  • “Be a person,” Jacob Sherer on interviewing. “You know you’re qualified, they know you’re qualified. It’s really just about filling in those gaps.”
  • “It’s a whole different ballgame when you are there doing it in person,” Brigitte Meisse on how college prepared her for crisis communication.
  • “Being laid off in my first job is nothing I expected… it felt like a breakup,” Brigitte Meisse on unemployment due to COVID-19.
  • “Each company that you work for runs so differently,” Emily O’Flynn on how college prepared her for her current internship.
  • “I don’t think anyone could’ve prepared for this. Everything was changing so rapidly… you really just have to learn as you go,” Jacob Sherer on being adaptable during COVID-19.
  • Remember to listen to your audience.
  • “Get a hobby,” Brigitte Meisse on life after graduation.
  • “You’re probably going to start your job/internship and be very confused, and that’s OK! They will teach you and show you the way,” Alyssa Murtagh on trusting the process.
  • “Rejection is temporary,” Emily O’Flynn on getting discouraged during the job search. “You’re all going to have jobs one day.”
  • “Know that you can do anything you put your mind to,” Margaret Mary Hicks on confidence.
  • Join the Triangle Program!!! Reach out to Margaret Mary for more on her experience.
  • “Your friendships aren’t over once you leave Athens,” Jacob Sherer on maintaining your relationships after graduation.

Sydney Davis is a senior studying strategic communication and the current VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn here!

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