For the last meeting of the semester, Scripps PRSSA was pleased to hear from Ben Clos from TENFOLD!

A 2015 graduate of the Scripps School of Journalism, Ben Clos has navigated the Columbus communication and advertising industry. Immediately after graduation, Ben moved to Columbus to search for jobs and begin his post-grad life. Beginning his career, he started as an account manager for Mindstream Interactive working mainly on national retailer, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other well-known clients, The UPS Store, X-ACTO, The Grocery Outlet and more. After two years at Mindstream, Ben followed his passion for branding and joined TENFOLD, a strategy and creative firm that helps brands reveal and reflect their brand and culture by using space as a medium of communication. Ben has now been the account director for nearly three years managing all client relationships and projects in the environmental branding practice.

Ben currently lives in Columbus with his husband, Jared, his cat named Dublin, a dog called Millie and actively spends his time renovating their home, walking the dog and spreading Bobcat cheer in Brutus’ backyard.

Your first job and entering the profession

  • Ben’s first job—serving at Applebee’s—taught him customer service, how to think fast and how to work under pressure. The things you learn at your first job will stick with you throughout your professional career.
  • “Everything you put into a position can have an equal outcome.”
  • Everyone’s timeline is different, especially post-graduation.
  • It’s natural to feel behind. Ben said he had to learn how to let that feeling go and focus on himself and his path. Great advice!
  • Reach out to your connections you have made during your undergraduate career. He attributes his first job to a connection he made during a Scripps PRSSA dinner and encourages professional develop opportunities like this.
  • Employers that are looking to hire often look for someone able to fulfill a role based on the company’s needs. With time, you will find a fit for you.
  • “Your first job requires a lot of self-learning and self-teaching; it’s a lot of trial and error understanding all the aspects of a new job as a new professional.”

TENFOLD and Digital Advertising

  • TENFOLD’s business strategy: Better connecting people with their places. They find ways to better articulate internally/externally the things that inspire them from culture and branding aspects.
  • Ben and his team work together to evaluate spaces that are key for branding. They consider things like good sightlines, open areas, where internal and external people will be walking through, etc.
  • Worked with companies like ESPN, DHL Supply Chain Center and Huntington.
  • Ideate without any limits or restraints. Come up with something crazy then tailor it back. It can always turn into something that works!
  •  “Sometimes it’s hard to push the limits – we just don’t want to put your values on the wall. Instead, we ask ourselves ‘How can we articulate that with feeling and visuals?’”
  • They have a portfolio online that displays all their works with various clients: click here to see more.


  • No one path is the same. You are your own answer.
  • Trust yourself. Asking for tips and advice is fine, but at the end of the day you have to know what is right. Be grounded and go with your gut.
  • Your connections are everything – Every person you meet has some potential for opportunity. You never know where someone else’s path will take them, which in return, can take you somewhere, too.
  • “Network your network” – Dan Farkas. You know people. You know people who know people; reach out to them, too!
  • If it sounds like a crazy job, take it anyway (within reason!) – Jobs that may be different or something you didn’t study can be really exciting opportunities.
  • Do what you love – Much easier said than done, but think of things you love to do in work and in your personal life. Try to blend them.

In the wake of the coronavirus, Ben offered some tips for all of us stuck in quarantine. Here are some things you can do right now to make the most of your time:

  • “It’s a great time to take advantage of time.”
  • Reading and being informed by the news. Understand the news so you can have guided and intellectual conversations with your connections
  • Just because there might not be jobs available right now, connect and check in with people. You might get something out of that along the road.
  • Make a to-do list. It will keep you busy and puts in perspective things you could do, something to look forward to.
  • Reach out to people for freelancing, for writing, designing, etc.
  • Write it down. It makes something feel final even if you haven’t done it, while making you more likely to do it.

Jakob Warren is a rising senior majoring in journalism: strategic communication and communication studies and serves as the upcoming VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with him on LinkedIn!

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