“Maintaining Mental Health in Quarantine” by Macy Cantrell

When students were sent home from school in March, no one anticipated seven months later they would still be adjusting to this new normal. This year has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. We’ve faced so much stress surrounding the pandemic all while being in isolation. It’s important to take time and recognize that things have been difficult and it’s okay to feel stressed. I am always looking for ways to de-stress, so here are a few things that help me when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has days when motivation is at an all-time low and simple tasks take too much energy. These feelings are normal, and everyone experiences this. Try to do as much as you can but take as many breaks as you need. When I need to get things done, I start with something that isn’t too demanding. Crossing one thing off my to-do list always motivates me to work more. Other times I will treat myself to a coffee on Court Street, this always helps me be more productive!

Online classes make it easy to stay in bed all day and work on homework. Personally, sitting outside makes me more productive. I recommend finding a few different places to work on homework, even if you move from the bedroom to the kitchen. We are all guilty of staying in bed during class, especially during an 8 a.m. Leaving your bed makes a huge difference in your productivity, even when it seems absolutely impossible.

Between jobs, organizations and schoolwork, sometimes it feels like the work will never end. I have personally struggled a lot to stay on top of these things during the pandemic. Most classes are asynchronous, so we’ve lost the structure of a normal semester. No matter how overwhelming things get, breaks are absolutely necessary. School is important but so is mental health so take time to rest!

Macy Cantrell is a junior studying strategic communication. She is the current VP of External Relations. Follow her @macy_cantrell22

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