FEB. 15 – Paul Matson, BOEING

Scripps PRSSA was ecstatic to welcome Ohio University alumnus, Paul Matson, from Boeing. Paul was former president of Scripps PRSSA in 2008-2009 before settling in Chicago post-grad. Since 2018, Paul has worked at Boeing, aerospace company, and is currently director of the content studio where he leads a global team of creative leaders, communications strategists, designers, and producers.

Paul’s combined background in technology and public relations has uniquely enabled him to help bring brands to life in a world increasingly fueled by creative innovation and online engagement. 

Prior to Boeing, Paul was the head of Customer Experience & Social Engagement teams at McDonald’s Corp, where he helped lead the launch of platforms such as All-Day Breakfast, and drove cultural integration including the temporary return of smash hit “Szechuan Sauce.” Over the course of his career, Paul has held executive roles across a wide variety of brands and industries including Groupon, MARS Chocolate, Unilever, and Kraft. 

Here are some of Paul’s key takeaways: 

  • Breadth before depth 
  • Position yourself and your career to evolve
  • Be a jack of all trades, but master (at least) one of them

Here are 5 things Paul wishes he had known in our shoes: 

  1. Be curious. Ask the when, the what and the why. 
  2. Read vicariously. Develop informed opinions. Apply them. 
  3. Practice your writing. It matters – a lot. 
  4. Always be networking. Every relationship counts. 
  5. Speak up. You have a voice, a brain, and you’re in PR!

Paul concluded the meeting by giving advice on how students can move from the college life to a 9-5 work life, how to transition to a big city like Chicago post-graduate life and establishing as well as maintaining connections. He also mentioned that Boeing has internship opportunities that can be found here

Alyssa Gormley is a junior studying journalism, strategic communication and is the 2020-21 EVP for Scripps PRSSA and is a PRSSA National District Ambassador. Follow her on Twitter here.

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