“Looking Forward To the Future” By Kaleb Gongwer

We’ve reached March 2021 and a satisfying decline in positive COVID-19 cases. Places have slowly started opening back up, and all I think about is what I want to do when the world is open and “normal” again. From school, career and my lifestyle plans, I’ve began thinking about how I’ll be living my life to its fullest potential in the future.


I’m happy summer is quickly approaching because this semester has been a whirlwind. Although, one high point was my invitation to intern at Landoll’s Mohican Castle this summer. I’ll be interning as an event coordinator specializing in wedding planning. The best part about this internship is that my Scripps PRSSA professional mentor, Brigitte Meisse, will be getting MARRIED at Landoll’s Castle this coming fall, and I’ll be a key part in planning it! This just goes to show that Scripps PRSSA really does make the world seem smaller and offers endless opportunities. After discussing this with Brigitte and my event coordinating supervisor, I can’t even describe how excited I am to gain this hands-on experience. So, if you ever need a summer escape and want to visit, I’d be happy to welcome you to the Castle and all that goes on around it!

I’m also looking forward to reuniting with family this summer! COVID-19 has made it challenging to travel home during the school year, but even before the pandemic happened, one side of my family stopped doing reunions. If restrictions lift by the end of the summer, my family hopes to plan a reunion this year for everyone to gather at. If it is still unsafe to gather in large groups, we’re still going to hang on to the idea and utilize the remaining time to prepare for a great event!


I’ve always heard how fast the college experience flies by and so far, and this so true bestie. Freshman year was one of the most liberating years of my life, and then other two have been a blur because of the pandemic. We obviously didn’t intend on this being part of our academic journey, but making the most of it has been one of my greatest priorities through my college experience. Now that things are looking to be back to normal by the next school year, I want to enjoy my senior year even more than I originally planned to—because you can’t really plan for anything these days. Taking for granted the last year and a half, I will be doing all that I can to have a memorable senior year. I want to work for perfect attendance in my classes, make it to all of the home football games, experience hOUmecoming and Halloween the right way, have a getaway spring break, soak up the fun at spring festivals with my best friends and graduate in person with my family watching me be the first in my family to do so. I’m determined to make my senior year my best year in Athens (Enjoy the throwback below… Yikes!).

It’s crazy how you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Now that things are looking up for the future of humanity, it’s time to start putting my event planning skills to the test and making the most of my time. I encourage you to go out and live your best lives. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be, because you don’t know how much time you’ll have. Here’s to a bright future of fun, love and happiness! Stay safe and look forward to the future.

Kaleb Gongwer is a junior studying communication studies and is the 2020-21 VP of Social Affairs for Scripps PRSSA. Follow him on Twitter here.

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