TikTok isn’t the first platform that comes to mind in terms of professional development. However, there are many learning opportunities on the, “PR side” of TikTok. Taking the time to explore these videos might be more helpful than you’d think.

Explore different careers 

A great way to explore different areas of the PR field is to watch, “day in the life” videos where creators in PR and communications roles take you through their daily tasks at their job. In this video, a creator documents a day in the life as a fashion PR intern. Browsing this type of content is a fun way to find industries and positions that you’re interested in pursuing.

Learn from professionals

Even if it’s not on your “for you” page, there’s a lot of educational TikTok content. For example, in this video an agency shares the meaning behind everyday PR terms. Another video explains the do’s and don’ts of crisis communications. This isn’t typical content you would expect to see, but both of these videos have extremely valuable information that can help your career.

Real world examples

An extremely valuable way to learn about PR and communications is to look at real-world examples. This video breaks down the PR strategy behind Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s breakup. Learning these methods can help you better identify them in your own career. Another creator (@rjthemagician) has a series called “Unsolicited marketing advice”. In this example they explain that Jimmy Fallon is facing backlash, then gives advice on how to help the situation and connect with audiences again.

Fun, relatable content

Professional development is important but it’s always fun to check out the relatable side of this content, too!

Lastly, follow @prssanational on TikTok for even more helpful content!

Macy Cantrell is a senior majoring Journalism- Strategic Communication. She can be found on Twitter here and LinkedIn here.

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