Scripps PRSSA welcomed alumni Sadie Newman to the meeting on November 1. She is a 2019 OHIO alumni. Sadie is a proud 2019 graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism where she majored in Journalism Strategic Communication. She currently resides in Chicago and is a Senior Account Executive at Zeno Group on the Consumer team, where she works to garner media attention and drive consumer purchase for home fragrance brands Yankee Candle and WoodWick Candle as well as four national baby brands. 

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re thinking of working in an agency, consider how you want the pace of your work to be.
  • Agencies can be unique because of the company culture and the different clients.
  • Get involved! This is so easy but so true.
  • Learning what you don’t like is just as important as learning what you love!
  • Ask questions. Google it first if you can!
  • Stay positive. This self talk can be everything!
  • Comparison is not the best way to look at your path.
  • Soft skills are important! Even if you only had corporate internships, you can transfer those skills to an agency job.

For the seniors:

  • You have time to apply to jobs! Don’t rush it and trust the process.
  • Enjoy and explore Athens!
  • Trust your gut! Think about your interests and values and what you want to prioritize.

Connect with Sadie on LinkedIn here.

Kelly Lambers is a senior studying journalism, strategic communication with a minor in marketing and a certificate in diversity studies and is the 2021-22 VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here.

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