5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer – Anna Hinkle

As the weather begins to warm up and students around the globe take on vacation mode, the possibilities become endless. There is certainly room for other activities around internships, international studying abroad trips, or other opportunities the average college student has listed on their summer to-do. How can students fully enjoy themselves over the few months that summer break offers? The answer to that question, according to a PR student, is simple, and involves doing anything that brings either learning or relaxation. Therefore, here are 5 ways you can maximize the perfect summer to have fun in the sun: 

Spend Time with Your Family. Family is truly your #1 supporter, no matter what. Spending time with those you love during the summers can make up for all of the months you spend away at school studying. While the gorgeous weather rolls in, going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner can bring family together to engage in those bonded conversations in an easy and simple way. You can also consider trying a new activity like taking hikes at a nearby park or baking a new recipe. 

Vacation. Another popular activity you can do with your family or friends is a vacation. You and your family may already have one booked, but make sure to soak up every moment, rain or shine! Really taking the time to relax on a vacation is crucial, especially for college students to ease the brain. Even a short weekend getaway trip to a nearby city would be considered a vacation, just as long as you have fun! 

Get an Internship. This is ultimately on every college student’s wish-list before graduation. Internships are a great way to connect with companies you are interested in, gain professional experience in the workplace, and build your resume. Not only will a sense of organizational skills be at hand, but you will also gain a sense of real-world development. Internships will always be a learning environment, allowing you to decipher the outcome of your future. 

Meet New People: Whether it’s hanging out with an old friend, or connecting with someone new, get to know them! You never know what they might have to offer you in return, other than their friendship. This is certainly a key component to networking/connecting because it allows us to feel inspired and deeply valued by another individual.  

Try Something New: Sticking to the same old routine can easily cause boredom and leaves little room for growth. No one wants to feel left out or not included, so you must change things up! Taking risks is also crucial to personal advancement and must be utilized in order to succeed. Some examples are reading a new novel, painting, trying yoga/workouts, or something as simple as journaling!  

Anna Hinkle is a sophomore studying marketing in the College of Business at Ohio University. She currently serves as Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of External Relations. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn here and Twitter here!

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