Getting To Know Hannah Schuller – Alyssa Goodenow

According to the PRSSA national bylaws, each chapter must have both a Faculty Advisor and a Professional Advisor. It’s well known that our chapter’s Faculty Advisor is Dr. Dashiell, the Director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. However, this year, Scripps PRSSA gained a new Professional Mentor. Hannah Schuller, an OU and Scripps PRSSA … Continue reading Getting To Know Hannah Schuller – Alyssa Goodenow

My PRSSA Experience- Maggie Noll

From the jump from high school to college, I was undecided on what field I would like to major in but eventually decided on Communication Studies because of the broad range of professional careers I could dive into. My freshman year, I took a lot of elective classes but ultimately loved the communication courses I … Continue reading My PRSSA Experience- Maggie Noll

November 21 – René Robers, Heineken

René Robers is an eCommerce and Shopper Marketeer with more than 10 years of CPG marketing experience. She currently shares her professional time and talent with Heineken USA as Senior Manager, eCommerce Lead. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Cincinnati, with a minor in Journalism and a certificate … Continue reading November 21 – René Robers, Heineken

Why OU Is So Loved – Deanne Allen

The first time I ever stepped foot in Athens, Ohio I knew that it was a special place. I never imagined that it would become a place that is so important to me and to so many others. As a freshman, I have only spent about four months at Ohio University but I have quickly … Continue reading Why OU Is So Loved – Deanne Allen

Professional Development Tips – Anna Hinkle

As a college student, there are always going to be ways to improve and grow your personal professional brand. I know for most of us, having a resume and knowing exactly what to put on it is common knowledge for landing a dream job. However, there are several other ways you could be improving yourself … Continue reading Professional Development Tips – Anna Hinkle

November 7 – Mike Strauss, IBM

As the IBM iX Spark Team Lead in the Americas, Mike is responsible for driving client-centric growth for IBM iX and IBM Consulting. He also serves as the strategic communications, storytelling, and business growth leader. Simultaneously, he owns a digital marketing consultancy, co-foundeda digital agencies within full-service agencies, and held leadership roles in digital and integrated agencies. … Continue reading November 7 – Mike Strauss, IBM

Getting Involved on Campus – Kenzie Zumbro

As an incoming freshman, I was bombarded with the phrases “join clubs” and “get involved.” Every student and instructor I talked to emphasized how important being active outside of the classroom is due to the experiences and opportunities that you may not get otherwise. With over five hundred student organizations on campus and multiple different … Continue reading Getting Involved on Campus – Kenzie Zumbro

Study Tips and Tricks – Isabellia Moyers-Chavez

Finding a balance between our academic and social lives can be difficult, especially if there’s a job to consider. It can become overwhelming, causing many of us to experience high levels of stress. Fortunately, most of this stress can be resolved through study tactics and methods. The methods below were created to help us better … Continue reading Study Tips and Tricks – Isabellia Moyers-Chavez

BTS of the Publicity Committee – Ellie Coldiron

As Vice President of Public Relations, I get to do a lot of really cool things in PRSSA. One of them is co-heading the publicity committee. Publicity has been something I have been very interested in since this summer, so I love getting to be on this committee! So far, I have really enjoyed working … Continue reading BTS of the Publicity Committee – Ellie Coldiron

Clouds of Senior Year – Laine Dannemiller

“And off she went, firing arrows straight into the heart of that old dark cloud, leaving flowers in her wake.” – Unknown  I went to New York City for the first time when I was nine years old. It was 2009, I was in the third grade, and Single Ladies by Beyonce was playing on … Continue reading Clouds of Senior Year – Laine Dannemiller