BTS of the Publicity Committee – Ellie Coldiron

As Vice President of Public Relations, I get to do a lot of really cool things in PRSSA. One of them is co-heading the publicity committee. Publicity has been something I have been very interested in since this summer, so I love getting to be on this committee! So far, I have really enjoyed working with the members of this committee and brainstorming all of the exciting projects we will be taking on this semester. 

A big project we will be working on is the podcast that was created last year, PRoject Scripps. I have no podcast experience, and rarely listen to them, so I am using ours to delve into the podcast world. A tip we get at so many meetings is to listen to public relations-related podcasts, so I am hoping to use PRoject Scripps as a platform for other students to learn from. I am excited to learn how to create a podcast, including writing scripts, recording it, editing it, and actually publishing it. Our goal is to publish an episode every month, and we have several topics in mind for our first few episodes. 

There are several other smaller tasks I hope our committee can accomplish this fall. We are currently planning a workshop on personal branding and professional development that we will host in a few weeks. We also are going to be doing some website edits as they come up, which is great experience. I have loved learning how WordPress works, and I’m excited to teach the publicity committee how we keep up with our website. If Sam needs any support, we will probably be helping with social media somewhat, too.

We also may look into hosting a workshop on the Adobe Creative Cloud, since all Scripps students had the ability to get a subscription for free this year. Our committee thought it would be useful since a lot of students have never used Photoshop or Lightroom before, but they are important apps to know how to use well. Finally, we will be ending the semester with publishing PR Success. I am super excited to have so many new writers for this upcoming issue, and firmly believe it will be the best one yet. 

I am so glad I get to collaborate with the students on the publicity committee this semester because we have so many exciting ideas! I cannot wait to see what we accomplish in the next few weeks.

Ellie Coldiron is a senior majoring in communication studies at Ohio University. She serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA and Managing Director of 1804 Communication. Connect with her on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.

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