A New Late-Night Craving: Mac Shack – Sam Spinale

It’s been a while since a new restaurant has come to Court Street. When I saw a sticker for Mac Shack placed on an empty building next to Jimmy John’s last spring, I was excited. Fast forward to spring 2023, Mac Shack is now open and, of course, I had to try it out on opening day.

The restaurant itself is music-themed, but more specifically, classic rock and roll music. Their menu items are even named after famous rock and roll bands, like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Classic rock and roll music is always playing in the restaurant. 

On Mondays, a large bowl of mac and cheese is half off when you buy a drink. I ordered a large bowl of the mac and cheese of the week, Gun’s N’ Roses. It was topped with potato wedges, sour cream, bacon, and chives. It sounds pretty intimidating but was actually so delicious.

Mac Shack has eight specialty mac and cheese bowls to choose from along with the option to build your own custom mac and cheese bowl. They have cookies and pie slices you can purchase for dessert. I’m excited to try their different specialty bowls and see what the new mac and cheese is every week! Not to mention, the pies look delicious.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. My mac and cheese was delicious and was pretty inexpensive, especially on Mondays. I think this restaurant can double as a late-night snack, but also a great meal for lunch. As an avid pasta connoisseur, I was really excited about Mac Shack’s arrival and am happy to say that it truly lived up to my expectations. 

Sam Spinale is a senior studying journalism – strategic communication and pursuing a minor in sports management and a certificate in social media at Ohio University. She currently serves as Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of Digital Communication. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn here and Twitter here!

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