Spring Semester Lifestyle – Anna Hinkle

Wondering how to navigate through the Spring semester with extracurriculars, employment, classes and personal matters? Well, from the second this semester began, I was buried in work. I remember thinking to myself that accomplishing all of it would be impossible, but after 8 weeks, it was not as bad as it seemed.

Currently, as a sophomore majoring in marketing and minoring in advertising and PR, I knew this semester was going to be a learning experience because of all the opportunities that arose. I have been enrolled in the Copeland Associates Integrated Business Cluster, which has allowed me to learn from my four professors and my team. The Integrated Business Cluster is a 12-credit, team-based, in-depth research and analysis covering two project charges, 10 deliverables, and 2 presentations to showcase our findings. As we have already intensely researched our industry, which is based on Amusement and Theme Parks, I have acquired skills in creating graphical reports, consistent communication, presenting, and using research databases. Furthermore, I am applying my marketing skills when using data to create visuals in our reports and studying consumers as well. These new skills I grasped have already proven they will impact me in my career moving forward.

Aside from Cluster, I am also a part of three organizations on campus: Scripps PRSSA, Backdrop Magazine, and The Schey Sales Centre. Within my involved organizations, I was selected for leadership positions in external relations, social media, and as a team lead/ambassador. All these extracurriculars have allowed me to broaden my knowledge of areas that are not taught within the classroom setting. Also, they have allowed me to meet some of my best friends who all want the best for each other!

The last grouping of my spring semester lifestyle would include my employment opportunities with my continuing internship, two ambassador roles, and designing a collaborative. I am extremely grateful for all of these roles which have helped me make new connections around campus and grow my experience. These have all collectively caused me to explore outside of my comfort zone as I tried new activities, tasks, and events to grow engagement.

Although you may be thinking this is too much for my plate, I have learned that I really enjoy a fast-paced environment. With all these opportunities that I volunteered to do; I would not change a thing. Throughout this semester, I have developed more focus and time management to fulfill all my daily and future goals for myself. So, with the hundreds of opportunities there are on campus, be sure to try them and find your forever passion!

Anna Hinkle is a sophomore studying marketing in the College of Business at Ohio University. She currently serves as Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of External Relations. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn here and Twitter here!

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