April 10 – Cori McKeever, Golin

Cori McKeever is President, Global Healthcare for Golin, an international public relations agency, and its specialist agency Virgo Health. Cori is responsible for evolving Golin’s unique value for its health clients, expanding its offerings and further building its people-first culture.

​Recognized with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association “Rising Star” award in 2019, Cori is a collaborative leader dedicated to success, operational efficiency and motivating cross-functional teams across the world.​​

Key Takeaways

  • The healthcare industry was not Cori’s first choice; however, she was living in Hoboken, NJ when 9/11 occurred. She saw the best and worst of NYC but saw firsthand how important healthcare is.
  • In a position that required a lot of crisis communication, she realized the intensity of crisis communications.
  • To stand out at one of the largest medical meetings, they hired a seamstress to make plush antibodies. They took the antibodies and took pictures with the plush toys around Chicago in different popular spots.
  • Scenario planning or constant overthinking situations can be bad for your personal health but great for your career. Clients love a professional that can think through a situation and all its possible outcomes.
  • Look for opportunities in the unexpected. A situation that feels frustrating may be a blessing in disguise.

Connect with Cori on LinkedIn here.

Maxwell Burton is a sophomore studying journalism strategic communications and pursuing a minor in environmental geoscience at Ohio University. He serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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