Meet the 2012-2013 VP of Public Relations


Name: Melaina Lewis

Year: Sophomore

PRSSA Position: VP of Public Relations

Hometown: Cortland, Ohio

Major: Strategic Communications

Why you wanted to be on the executive board: I wanted to be a part of an organization that has an amazing legacy. PRSSA is an organization that gives students insight in PR and “hands-on” experience. PRSSA is so much fun and I wanted to have an active role in carrying on thetradition.

How PRSSA has helped you: PRSSA has given me so much confidence and encouraged me that PR was the right career choice for me. I have met so many incredible people and have had amazing experiences. PRSSA has given me so much insight to the world of PR.

Why you chose to attend OU: Obviously for its beautiful campus and because of Scripps. I absolutely fell in love with Scripps and its numerous amounts of opportunities. When I walked on campus it felt like home.

PR experience: ImPRessions account associate, PRSSA, intern at FOX 8 News in Cleveland, and incoming Event Coordinator for Leadership and Career Center.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Please get INVOLVED. Involved in anything that interests you. Take every opportunity. You’ll discover so much about yourself and meet so many people. Enjoy every moment!

Interesting Fact: I traveled to Italy at 16 and won a world cup in dance.

Hobbies: Movie fanatic, reading, Words with friends, Pinterest and caffeine enthusiast.

Favorite OU memory: Chicago networking trip.

Where you see yourself in 10 years: Hopefully, busy with an exciting career, traveling the world, meeting people and making a difference in anyway possible.

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