PRSSA Meeting 11.26.12 Recap


  • Make sure you check out Scripps PRSSA Tips & Trick Forum – feel free to answer and ask questions. Also, look for internships.
  • Interested in a PR workshop? Dr. Trahan at Ohio Northern University on Dec. 6. Registration price is $15. Great way to discover your PR niche.
  • Don’t miss out on our NYC networking March 21-22!

Yesterday we heard from some of our lovely PRSSA executive board about their  internship experiences.

Nicole Spears held internships in non-profit PR and tourism. She held an internship in Paris, France with a tourism company and a local internship with Athens County Board. She spent her time with Athens County focusing on community outreach. Her internship offered lots of consistency and variability.

“In non-profit you feel like you make a difference compared to other internships,” said Spears.

Through the Office of Study Abroad program, Nicole found her Paris internship. International offices are excited to bring interns into their office.

Cidnye Weimer internship experience focused in event planning.

“My job was the logistics behind the events. I order supplies and established the events at the locations,” said Weimer.

Event planning is a different aspect of PR. It’s not focused on press releases and contact lists.

Heather Bartman held an internship in NYC. There are numerous pros/cons to an internship in a large city. Pros: Accessible environments and very easy to get materials. So many clients in the city you are able to work with clients face-to-face. Meet with clients on a day-to-day basis Cons: Cons: COST!  Entry-level salaries are difficult to live on in an expensive city. It’s very difficult to find a paid internship in popular cities. Traffic is a hassle for commuting.  PR in major cities creates hectic time frames.

“I loved being in a fast paced environment,” said Bartman.

Allison Jordan has interned in corporate and agency PR settings. Corporate is not as strained hours, while agency is time controlled. Corporate allows you work long durations with a client and move from client to client. Agency allows you have a variety of jobs while working with clients.

“I worked with 22 different clients during my internship.  It’s a really cool aspect of agency,” said Jordan.

When you begin to look for internships schedule a small, personal networking trip. Plan to shadow PR professionals and informational interviews. During winter break it may be more difficult to receive an internship, but take that opportunity to network. Check out the PRSSA website! Organize a list of potential internship. Look online and research some internships and their clients-see where your interest lies. Begin the conversation. Be confident with your resumes and demonstrate all of things you have accomplished. Tell the interviewers what you want to learn and get from your internship. Be enthusiastic! The best way to avoid feeling overwhelm is to ask questions. By doing this you show you care and make things easier on yourself.



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