Recent grads and agency life recap 1.29.13

By: Allison Evans


  • Match Day: Thursday, February 21st in Columbus. PRSSA students- registration is now open! Hurry and sign up to guarantee your spot!
  • OU SIBS weekend (Feb 8-9) we will hold a fundraiser to raise money for the NYC networking trip. If anyone would like to help out with these events or the Social Affairs Committee, please email Cidnye at
  • Wednesday February 13th from 6pm-8pm is the Valentines Day shuffle in Baker 230.
  • This Friday is the Ad Club/PRSSA “Hipster Scrippster” and “Snapbacks and Tattoos” social at 9pm.
  • If anyone would like to sign up or help out in promoting the Scripps Innovation Challenge, please contact Marisa Dockum at
  • Scripps Senior Saturday will be February 9th from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in Scripps Hall.  All seniors are encouraged to attend!
  • Interested in writing for a nationally awarded newsletter? Contact Melaina Lewis at to write, edit or take photos for PR Success.

Internship Updates

  • We will be starting to send out weekly emails for dues paying members with internship information
  • Email the account if you have any suggestions or areas you are interested in.

Scripps PRSSA heard advice from the lovely and talented Heather Farr, Nicole Bersani, and Caroline Allan.All are newly hired professionals from our own E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and former leaders of the organizations we hold near and dear to our hearts. It was unanimously a breath of fresh air to see and hear the voices of fellow Bobcats and PR pros!

Many members asked the recent grads about Post-grad internships. The fresh-faced PR BBu6Z4dCcAAZKfC.jpg-largepros offered much advice, as 2 out of the 3 completed their own internships months ago.

“Go for anything you find interesting and hopefully it turns into a full-time job.” Bersani said. “One question I asked in the interview was how often interns were hired into the company. ‘Rolling-basis’ is the key word.”

Heather Farr reminded members not to “completely settle down in your last internship, but try something new and grow.”

The most common question entailed ‘what it is like to be a full time professional, and the journey they took to reach that point.’ While each grad had their own experiences, they all agreed that it was not as frightening as they thought it would be!

“I expected to be grilled and questioned about the company and their website, but it was really laid back. They were really relaxed and wanted to see if I would fit in the company’s culture.” Heather Farr said.

Caroline Allan agrees, as she ‘studied’ for her interview at Fahlgren Mortine. “I left smiling and laughing! I was like ‘this wasn’t scary at all!’ That is how you know that the place where you will work is a good fit for you.”

The biggest peace of advice from all three ladies was to go for it! No matter what your area of interest, or where you would like to live, take any opportunity that sounds interesting. Alumni will be there to help along the way.

“Reaching out to a Bobcat can be as simple as a tweet or an email expressing interest.” Heather Farr said.

“It is so incredible how many people are willing to help, especially Bobcats.” Nicole Bersani said.

“LinkedIn is a really good tool to use,” Allan said. “Feel free to connect with complete strangers to ask questions!”

It was a comfort to seniors and members to see that fellow Bobcats are in good places with their careers and personal lives.

“You are all doing the things you are supposed to be doing, you are all good networkers, and you are all way ahead of others in the field, so stop freaking out!” Farr said with a laugh. “Don’t freak out and you will get a job. Guaranteed.”

Thank you again to Nicole, Heather, and Caroline for joining us! You are all missed and welcomed back at anytime.

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