What can you do with your specialization?

By: Ben Clos

Students who are studying public relations know more than anyone that PR is a vital tool for business. College is the time to decide what area you want your PR or strategic communication degree to specialize in and represent. While there are a wide variety of specializations to choose from, some may have a hard time seeing the potential in the options. Let’s evaluate some specializations that might have an unclear path to a career.

measuring-PR-260x250Foreign Language or Linguistics: Each area can have many benefits. Having the specialization may give a student enough credit hours to have the knowledge to hold a business conversation. A background in language provides an advantage in any job. Specializations in a foreign language could hold job placements as an ambassador for companies that operate internationally, or possibly work for the government in public affairs. Education in languages can offer a large list of jobs and add a couple zeros to your paycheck compared to other employees.

Anthropology: If you are a person who enjoys helping others and making an impact on the masses, a specialization in anthropology might be a good fit for you. There are many non-profit businesses that deal with law, medicine and public policy that need public relations for outreach to certain demographics in communities. This would be a rewarding track in public relations for people who want to make a difference.

For people who are interested in science and technology, having a specialization in any area of biological sciences including environmental sciences, human biology or areas of chemistry could be an area of study that might be of interest. Businesses creating new technologies for the environment, medicine, or possibly some new gadgets, all need public relations for their ever-growing industry. This would be a field that would require various amounts of research on new studies and impact the masses.

Of course, there are several other areas you can specialize in as a PR or strategic communications major. The possibilities are endless. So endless in fact, that it may take a little bit of research to find the job that is right for you. The internships that you do while you are in school will help complement your specialization and better teach you the area in public relations you are going into. Enjoy the time discovering your passion within the PR field and pick one that is of interest to you.

One thought on “What can you do with your specialization?

  1. Good point! Many people forget that there is life beyond the communication realm. In an agency, you’ll be working with clients from all kinds of industries that you will have to become an expert in and you never know where you might go. You have to try areas out and see what you like!

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