Executive Election Process

By: Allison Evans

It is that time of year again; time to prepare for Executive Board Elections! These elections select the PRSSA Executive board for the 2013-2014 school year.  The election will occur on March 25th during the meeting, and all application materials are due March 15th.

In order to run for E-board, you must:

  •        Be a dues-paying member
  •        Have a resume and cover letter (turn in by March 15th)
  •        Prepare a speech 1 minute in length describing why you are qualified for the position and what changes/improvements you would like to make.
  •       Have a recommendation from a current E-board member
  •        Agree to responsibilities described in the positions

The Positions and Responsibilities


  •        Lead Executive and general meetings
  •        Managing Chapter email communication
  •        Oversee the success of weekly/quarterly events
  •        Assisting members as needed
  •        *Must be a current E-Board member to apply

Executive Vice President

  •        Initial email/phone call with potential speakers and follow up communications
  •        Weekly emails to speakers
  •        General Programming for the Chapter
  •        *Must be a current E-Board member to apply

Vice President of Internal Relations

  •        Creating and distributing weekly Chapter emails
  •        Updating and maintaining chapter list-serve
  •        Assist other E-board members
  •       Liaison for E-board and members

Vice President of Finance

  •        Reimbursing members for duties for the Chapter
  •        Planning fundraisers
  •        Applying for funding
  •        Chapter dues
  •        Managing Chapter Budget

Vice President of Member Relations

  •        Coordinating the Mentor/Mentee Program
  •        Contacting Chapter member spotlights
  •        Working with members to access their needs
  •       Managing the Tips and tricks forum

CEO of ImPRessions

  •        Checking in with Vice Presidents, Account Supervisors, and Executives
  •        Planning firm initiatives and responding to special situations

*Directors: Design, Internal Communication, Hiring, and Promoting Director

*Must be an executive for one year

Vice President of Public Relations

  •        Monitoring Chapter blog
  •        Corresponding with chapter newsletter writer, photographers, and editors
  •        Creator and Editor of PR Success Chapter Newsletter
  •        InDesign Skills are helpful
  • Works with the VP of Social Media on Committees

Vice President of External Relations

  • Updating the website with Internship listings
  • Weekly internship emails
  • Stay in contact with professional advisors
  •  Correspondence of Appreciation with passed speakers/advisors
  •  Keep Chapter informed on Local PRSA events

Vice President of Social Affairs

  •  Social affairs event planner
  • Dinner/room reservations for speakers
  •  Quarterly events, planning and promoting events
  •  Fundraisers and other special events

Vice President of Social Media

  • Manage all of the Social Media Outlets for the Chapter (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  •  Live tweet from meetings and events
  • PR/Social Media Committee

Each dues-paying member is encouraged to apply for any and all of these positions that they might be interested in! Class rank has no bearing on whether you run for and win a position. If you are unsure about the full details of the position you are applying for, “there is a transition period so you don’t have to just jump in and figure it out,” Executive VP Sam Tischler said.

If you have any questions please reach out to the current executives.

Bateman Committee Announcement:

Our Chapter’s Bateman Committee has launched an anti-bullying campaign entitled “Reach Out for Friendship” that is to run throughout the month of February. This campaign will utilize social media, event planning, and multimedia for promotions. Each member is encouraged to support our team and their campaign by following them on social media outlets and attending the events!

Their first event will take place this Saturday at 12:00 PM at the Graffiti wall by Bentley Hall. They will utilize their handprint logo in the decoration of the wall to promote friendship and “Reaching out” to others.

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