How to utilize new social mediums to create your personal brand

By: Danielle Szabo

In today’s ever changing and growing social media scene, it seems new social media apps are popping up everyday. From Instagram to Pinterest to [the next big social media app], how do we use these applications and web pages to help create and build our personal brand?

Before the previous question is answered, it is prudent we know what exactly our personal brand is. After you have defined yourself and thought about the person you are, how are you going to display yourself positively to the public and possible job recruiters?

-Think consistency. Consistency helps others better remember you and also makes your brand stronger and stand out more when compared to others. Use key words that define you repetitively throughout all of your social media pages.

-Create new content regularly.  On all social media and blogs, if not updating content everyday, have a minimum of at least three times a week. The more one updates content, the more repetition it will build and the better others will adapt to your personal brand.

Have different types of content. Although we do still encourage consistency and repetition, it can be done with different types of content. Video’s, lists, and infographics are examples of the different types of content you can post to your blog, twitter account etc.

Comment and conversate. Comment on different blogs, articles etc. that pertain to your personal brand. When people comment on your pages, carry on the conversation! Be confident with your comments and ask questions, keep the conversation going! This will build awareness of you as a credible individual quickly. 

These are a just a few tips in which social media can help create your personal brand. Check out these twitter handles to see if you can quickly and easily define their personality: Russell Martin, Chris Coole.



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