Scripps PRSSA Mentor/Mentee program has begun!

By Mira Kuhar

PRSSA’s annual Mentor/Mentee reveal brought chapter members of all years together under one roof for a fun and food-filled evening. The Mentor/Mentee program is designed to bring new members together with older ones, giving the less-experienced participants a guide that can help them throughout the year. This person also becomes a friend who can be there to answer any questions that may come up about Scripps, PR, or just life in general. This is a beneficial experience for the mentors too because it provides them with great leadership experience while making a new friend in the process.

The reveal began with an awesome potluck buffet complete with Buffalo Chicken Dip, Halloween-themed cookies, homemade peanut butter and fudge Rice Krispies treats, and lots more. As everyone settled down, conversation flourished with talk of the reveal, the semester, and of course, the Indians’ playoff game that was on TV for the entirety of the event.

When it was finally time to start the reveal, Ben Clos, VP of member relations and organizer of the event, began to read off the names. The event yielded such a positive turn out that most mentors ended up with two mentees! As the last few names were called, it was clear by the enthusiastic conversation floating around the room that everyone seemed to be hitting it off with their mentor/mentee, so an icebreaker game wasn’t needed.

One really nice thing about the Mentor/Mentee program is that you get to pick whether you want to be a mentor or mentee. This can be a tough decision because although you may feel experienced compared to some, there’s always more you can learn. Marisa Fiore, sophomore Strategic Communication major, explained that she had a really good mentor her freshman year and how that inspired her to be a mentor this year.

“Cidnye Weimer was my mentor last year,” she said. “She was such a great mentor and really encouraged me to be one this year, plus I figured I didn’t need another mentor because I can always still go to her for anything I need.” Marisa also said how she had a great time at the event, and that she’s so excited to get to know her new mentee.

In all, the event was a great success. From the food, to the people, to the conversation, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves from beginning to end. This was a great kickoff to what is going to be an awesome year. I, personally, can’t wait for more Mentor/Mentee events to come in the future!

If you are still interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please email Ben Clos at!

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