Last minute tips for PRSSA elections

By Kelsey Miller

031110_voted-1Whether you’re new to running for PRSSA elections or not, there are a few things to keep in mind while putting your cover letter and speech together:

Don’t just run for a position to be on Eboard. Be sure that it’s a job you enjoy. If you aren’t thrilled with the duties of that position, you probably won’t be good at it. Don’t let your pride of being on executive board cloud your brain. Make sure to run for the position that suits you.

Talk to the exec in that position now. I’ll let you in on an exec board secret: they love when you want to talk to them. We assume that when people talk to us about our positions, they will take it more seriously and take initiative.

Execs give great insight and ideas about their positions that lead to great talking points in your speech. When I met with the former VP of external relations, Marisa Dockum, she talked about putting together a professional mentor program. Although I didn’t get the position, Briagenn, the current VP of external relations, did a great job executing the program this year!

During your speech, talk about what you’ll do with the position, not why your qualified. This is where killer ideas come into play. You have one minute to persuade people into voting for you; make it count. I don’t care why you’re qualified for the position unless it pertains to the duties at hand. I will always vote for someone with less experience that has more innovative ideas than anyone that has a dozen internships under his or her belt.

Don’t discount the cover letter. The cover letter is a free pass to bragging rights without being judged, so take advantage! Not everyone will read your cover letter, but I can assure you the current executive board, our professional advisor and members that care about the chapter will. Give concrete examples about your skill set that match the duties of the position you apply for.

Make your speech natural. A lot of people have public speaking anxiety. I strongly recommend against a memorized speech or a speech you read word for word. If this is how you feel the most comfortable presenting, then do what is best for you.

I am a fan of bullet points on an index card and having an idea about what you want to say about each point. This opens up the opportunity for the speech to flow naturally and letting the chapter see your personality. Showing emotion in your speech shows how much you care about the chapter and the position.

Talk to your friends. Never let a position get in the way of your friendship. Have open communication with friends who want the same position and understand that your friendship isn’t worth throwing away for a leadership position. Friendship also shouldn’t discourage you from running for a position. Run for the position you want.

Running for the Scripps PRSSA executive board is a great experience whether you get a position or not. It is great exposure and gets your name out there. If you haven’t considered running, you should give it a shot. If you have any questions, please contact me or any other executive board members. I’m excited to see you all on election day!

2627e23Kelsey Miller is Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of Internal Relations. She is a junior majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing, specializing in in travel and tourism and working towards a social media certificate. After graduation she hopes to work at an agency with visitors bureau accounts or accounts that deal with resorts. Follow her on Twitter at @kelseymiller300!

Fish, Non-Profit PR, and D.C.: November 10th meeting recap

By Allison Zullo

This week’s meeting was the last for the semester. It’s crazy how fast time flies!


  • Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner is this Monday, Nov. 17 at Ben Clos’ apartment, 317 Palmer Place. Contact Megan Newton if you still want to bring a side dish or help cook. Also, bring a holiday outfit! We will be taking a “family picture” for a holiday card to send to our professional advisors and faculty members.
  • PRSSA will be hosting a Twitter chat this Tuesday, Nov. 18 and 9 p.m. Come participate with Scripps PRSSA in Scripps 114 – there will be free pizza!
  • The Mentor/Mentee game show will take place Thursday, Dec. 4 in Baker 231 at 8 p.m.
  • Fred Cook, CEO of Golin, will be visiting campus and speaking Monday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. in Walter Rotunda. Make sure you mark your calendars to hear from one of the most well-known and influential people in the PR industry!
  • Tentative dates for the spring semester networking trips are Friday, Jan. 30 for Cleveland and Thursday, March 26 – Friday, March 27 for Chicago. Get excited!
  • Member spotlight this week is Steph Gort! She will be graduating this December and will be greatly missed by all of PRSSA. Give her a follow and a shout-out on Twitter at @StephGort.
  • ImPRessions spotlight this week is AVW Productions (@AVWProductions). Congrats on a successful first event of the year, Punkin Chunkin’!

Project Updates

  • International Education Week starts this Saturday, Nov. 15 with the International Student Dinner (which is sold old). It continues through Nov. 20. Visit their website,, or follow the hashtag #OHIOIEW14 for more information and the full schedule of events.
  • The Scripps Innovation Challenge team is working hard to promote weekly boot camps and recruiting teams to register for the challenge. Registration ends Dec. 4, so make sure to encourage your friends and peers to form a team to compete and register, even if they aren’t Scripps kids! Visit and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @SIC_OHIOU for more information.
  • International Week will take place sometime in April and have designed a logo! The team is now in the process of solidifying an official marketing plan.

And now for today’s speakers: Lynsee Fowler and Gavin Gibbons from the National Fisheries Institute!


The National Fisheries Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. that focuses on educating the government and the public on seafood safety, sustainability, and nutrition. Fowler is the communications manager for the organization, while Gibbons is the vice president of communications.

This meeting was all about non-profit PR. Fowler and Gibbons explained that a large part of their job is advocacy for seafood safety. Even though they are not registered lobbyists, they are basically lobbying on Capital Hill constantly in order for their message to be heard by the government.

Gibbons stressed that if no one is talking about your message, it essentially doesn’t exist. Therefore, you must work to get people talking about it! The best way this can be done is to get it on paper, but social media or any other publication methods work well, too.

Fowler talked about an innovative PR/marketing strategy that has been successful for the NFI: short, edgy videos that get their message across in memorable way. They used tactics such as humor and fear (just a little bit…) to draw attention to the message they were trying to get across, and found that this method was successful in getting the attention of their target audience of government officials.

 Thank you, Lynsee and Gavin, for speaking to #ScrippsPRSSA! We learned a ton about what it’s like to work for a non-profit organization in D.C.

Data and Content Marketing, PRSSA with Mike Whaling of 30 Lines, 3/31 RECAPPED!

By Erin Golden

As March comes to a close, (how did the semester fly by?) our weekly gathering of PR professionals opened with a few announcements:

  • The first and probably most important announcement – PRSSA IS PLAYING KICKBALL! And we’re competing against Ad Club on Wednesday, April 16th at 7 p.m. @ McCracken fields!
  • Also, there’s still time to register for the Regional and PaRtner’s Conference with OSU!


  • If your mom is in town this weekend for Mom’s Weekend, hurry and buy tickets to the Athens County Humane Society’s Woof & Wine event Friday night! Moms, free entertainment, and wine! What could be better?
  • The ScrippsJSchool Instagram account will be holding an Instagram contest in the next couple weeks – keep an eye out for how you can participate!

The member spotlight was Darby Fledderjohn! (@DFledderjohn). She an active member of PRSSA and ImPRessions and has just started doing freelance work for a corporate communications firm. After graduation, she’s going on vacation and then moving to New York! Congratulations and good luck!

Jess Carnprobst had the chance to talk about AVW Productions, our ImPRessions spotlight for the night, who was recognized for AVW Week and the AVW Fair – nice job AVW!

The speaker of the night was Mike Whaling of 30 Lines (@30Lines), a digital marking consultancy that helps businesses integrate their online marketing and build their brand. He has served as a tech advisor to Men’s Health Living Magazine and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to content marketing and data. He shared as much of his knowledge as he could fit into an hour!

Mike explained how he believes that content and social are truly aligned today and how we must use it as an opportunity to spark conversation and create awareness about the brand. Social media is used today to host a lot of this conversation, and Mike showed PRSSA the Conversation Prism and described the many different ways we can share content.

conversation prism

The conversation prism and questions like “What can you give your audience to talk about?” and “What’s the point of your brand and content?” can extend the reach of your brand overall. Mike also stressed that it’s important to reach out to your audience to inspire the content – use their photos or other content to match your blogs or posts. Social media is such an advantage when it comes to audience engagement!

As the hour came to a close, Mike made sure we knew how important it is to have a goal in mind, so that you can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of the reach and content. We learned that the average shoppers use an average of 10.7 sources of info to make a buying decision and the Zero Moment of Truth is a real thing – check it out at!

Overall, Mike gave us so much info on content marketing, analyzing data, and brand management. To find out more details from the members of Scripps PRSSA, check out the hashtag #ScrippsPRSSA! Thanks for entertaining and teaching us, Mike.

Until next time, PRSSA’ers!

George Rafeedie Visits Scripps – March 24, RECAPPED!

By Erin Golden

As Scripps PRSSA began on Monday, March 24, we welcomed back our group of networkers from the Charlotte Networking trip! Scripps kids sure know how to network, and we know our chapter was represented well in Charlotte.

Per usual, there were a few updates to highlight before getting started.

  • It’s not too late to register for the Ohio State Regional and Partner’s Conference!
  • Exciting news! Scripps PRSSA is holding a Beach Party this Thursday starting at 9 p.m. at 60 Mill – wear your best beach attire! Big thanks to Briagenn and Marisa for offering their house!
  • Our member spotlight tonight was Kathleen Marincic (@KathMarincic). Kathleen is a Junior PR major and is currently an Account Supervisor for ImPRessions. Her favorite class is Nate Riggs’ Marketing class and she loves spring semester in Athens (come on, winter, go away!), and she’s currently interviewing for internships this summer! (Aren’t we all?!) Congrats Kathleen!

Our main event of the night was speaker George Rafeedie, who is the current Jerry Sloan Visiting Professor. He’s the founder of Tell Your Story Brand Communications and has held many positions in marketing, PR and communication roles. He’s also an alum of Ohio University (our favorite kind of speaker!). He was a former E-board member of PRSSA and opened the night with a story from a Partner’s Conference he attended, which got many laughs. His enthusiasm carried into his contribution to Jerry Sloan, who he says was “personally and academically influential” to him and is a “great person and a family man.”

George himself is from Youngstown, Ohio, and believes in “networking, personal branding and paying it forward.” The Chapter “awww-ed” over his story of meeting his wife in his OU graphics class. Before marrying his wife, he had two different jobs in Cincinnati and then moved to Chicago. A detailed graphic of his life and career so far gave us all a personal look into just how George got to where he is – he emphasized to us all, however, that our lives and career paths would look extremely different from his. Don’t we know it!

He then dove straight into his model of “Types of Networkers.” According to George, there are many different ways to label a networker – they range anywhere from “The Feel Good Networker,” to “The Obnoxious Networker” and “The I Hate Networking Networker.” Even though there are many types of ways people networking, George provided another graphic to give an example of one of his many networking success stories. A friend he met on an intramural football team at OU later ended up assisting him in acquiring his largest client at his new agency. Networking and mentoring can help even when we leave the streets of Athens.

George also made sure to emphasize the importance of branding – something the Scripps PRSSA chapter knows well. “Have control over who you are and what you do.” Also, take control of your career path and get excited for the many opportunities available for us as professionals! After touching on branding and careers, George hit on purpose-driven messaging when it comes to organizations; what is its purpose, and what are its values, promises and voice? These are the organizations that will last.

The Jerry Sloan visiting professor left us with a few of his favorite quotes – a personal favorite being “Luck is the residue of hard work.”

Thanks for the laughs and great advice, George! Until next time, PRSSA.


This past Monday, the members of Scripps PRSSA elected their 2014-2015 Executive Board. HERE THEY ARE:

ImagePresident – Cidnye Weimer

What are you most excited for as the new President of Scripps PRSSA?

“I’m most excited to give back to the wonderful organization that has given me so much. I’ve learned everything from PRSSA and I can’t wait to help members have the same wonderful experience I did. I’m also excited to work with this awesome new E. Board.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I was an extra in Divergent that comes out this week!”

Vice President – Ben Clos

What are you most excited for as the new Vice President of Scripps PRSSA?

“I’m really excited to do all the programming for the upcoming year! I want to try and make meetings as diverse as possible and vary on different types of speakers, workshops, retreats and events! I feel that it’s an important role in our chapter and in excited to help develop and expose our members to as much as possible.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I knit!”

VP of Internal Relations – Kelsey Miller

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Internal Relations?

“I am most excited to meet new members as well as interact more with the current members. It is intimidating coming to your first PRSSA meeting and I want to make sure I am one of the first friends. I’m also excited to incorporate more surveys for chapter ideas and opinions on what we could do better and have giveaways for attendance! I am dancing on cloud 9 thinking about it and knowing that I will be working with such great and talented people that double as my great friends.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I was hypnotized once.”

VP of Finance – Gary Bridgens

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Finance?

“I’m really looking forward to serving transparently and creatively! I want to find new ways to give back to our members and make 2014-2015 the best year of Scripps PRSSA yet.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“Fun Fact about Gar: I was once on 4 continents in one day of travel!”

VP of Member Relations – Jess Carnprobst

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Member Relations?

“I’m so excited to become more involved in our Chapter as a part of the executive board. I can’t wait to spread my love for PRSSA with our entire chapter so that we can become one big happy family!”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I’m obsessed with cheese and cheese puns. I even have my own #cheeseweek.”

Director of ImPRessions – Melaina Lewis

What are you most excited about as the new Director of ImPRessions?

“I’m most excited to continue working with talented aspiring public relation professionals, and really start creating a company culture for ImPRessions and its members. I hope to streamline client communication and keep strengthening and growing the firm.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I won a world championship in dance when I was 16 in Italy.”

Assistant Senior Director – Kerry Tuttle

What are you most excited about as the new Assistant Senior Director?

“I’m excited to make a significant impact in an organization that has given me so much experience and so many memories at OU. I really want to continue to have out members’ work recognized on a national level, and of course I’m thrilled to work alongside Melaina and Sarah.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I have an unhealthy obsession with pizza.”

Assistant Junior Director – Sarah Rachul

What are you most excited about as the new Assistant Junior Director of ImPRessions?

“I’m most excited to learn as much as I can from Kerry and Melaina because they’re both such talented professionals.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I love Disney more than probably anyone you know. Also, I love to sing.”

VP of Public Relations – Mira Kuhar

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Public Relations?

“I’m excited to meet all of the new members next year, to continue to expand my PR knowledge and grow with the chapter and the new Board.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I was the first baby born in the Akron General Hospital in 1994.”

VP of External Relations – Briagenn Adams

What are you most excited about as the new VP of External Relations?

“I’m so excited to extend PRSSA’s professional network and really utilize the advisers we already have in place. The Bobcat network is one of the best assets we have at Ohio University, and I want to make sure we’re all benefiting from that!”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I have three tattoos and already have my next three planned out.”

VP of Social Affairs – Megan Newton

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Social Affairs?

“I am most excited about having the opportunity to bring even more fun to the chapter. I can’t wait to start planning events that will help get everyone more involved and start new traditions alongside Scripps PRSSA’s beloved old ones.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I love dogs more than I love people.”

VP of Social Media – Stephanie Gort

What are you most excited about as the new VP of Social Media?

“What I’m most excited for as the new VP of Social Media is working more closely with my Scripps classmates and friends in a collaborative effort to showcase our passionate and competitive chapter.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“I’m obsessed with owls! All my family members and friends give me tons of owl decor because they always think of me when they see it. I just think they are the most majestic creatures.”

Congratulations to the new executive board, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the chapter next year!

Tony Telloni visits Scripps PRSSA – 3/10 RECAPPED!

By Jess Carnprobst

Monday’s Scripps PRSSA meeting marked the beginning of week 9! It’s hard to believe the semester’s more than halfway done, although the approaching warm weather is a plus. As per usual, we started the meeting with announcements:

  • Scripps PRSSA received the Pacesetter Chapter Recognition Award for the month of February! We are one outstanding Chapter, and every member should be proud of this accomplishment.
  • Don’t forget to register for the Regional Conference on April 12th at Ohio State University!
  • ImageElections are next week! All dues-paying members will want to be at this meeting, as they all get to vote for the future of PRSSA. In addition to the current nine executive board positions, there will now be a VP of Visual Communication. Anyone interested in this position should send a resume, cover letter and three-piece design portfolio by March 17..
  • The Charlotte networking trip is right around the corner! 18 people have registered, so there is still room for anyone interested in attending. The cost will be approximately $95-115 and will take place from March 28 to the 29. Members are welcome to stay for the rest of the weekend if they would like to tour the city.
  • All seniors interested in attending the New Pros Day at The Pub at Polaris on March 27 should be sure sign up! The cost is $10. Contact Theresa Ianni at if you have any further questions.
  • Let’s all cheer on Cidnye Weimer as she heads to Charlotte, NC for the PRSSA National Assembly! We know she will represent our Chapter well.
  • A big congrats to this week’s member spotlight – Giovanna Delgarbino. Everyone should be sure to congratulate her at @GiovannaLee, as this was a well-earned spotlight.

For our speaker, we welcomed Tony Telloni, the Managing Director at GolinHarris. Tony went to Ohio University and was very happy to be back with fellow Bobcats! After his undergraduate degree, he received a graduate degree at Emerson College in Boston. When it came time to find a job in New York City, the search turned out to be more difficult than he thought. He was turned down from positions he felt he was well qualified for and declined many positions that he thought were below him. He suspended his search and decided to have fun while working as a bartender. Eventually, he entered back into the public relations world and started working with technology PR at a small agency.

However, this bored him after a year, so he moved to Edelman for four years. Soon enough, he made the transition to Burson-Marsteller. At Burson-Marsteller he learned that although PR can teach a lot of things, it can’t teach how to manage people. This is a skill that needs to be learned in business school or by practiced execution.

With that advice, Tony Telloni made the transition to GolinHarris, the moment we were all waiting for! He enjoys working at GolinHarris and takes pride in the agency, which he sees as an agency for the future. The leaders of the agency decided that they didn’t want to keep the traditional agency hierarchy in place because they believed there was not enough fluidity, so they decided to take a unique approach in their G4 model, which structures their company into 4 communities: strategists, creatives, connectors and catalysts. Their office is now organized into these four communities, instead of organizing themselves by account. Since GolinHarris launched this new model, they have continuously been featured in the news and have numerous agencies modeling themselves after GolinHarris

GolinHarris also likes to think that they were some of the first to use real time marketing with their system, The Bridge. This is a 24-hour news-cycle with about eight television screens and eight to 12 computer screens. They are always watching for the “next big thing” that will give their client a campaign to be proud of.

Tony Telloni closed the meeting with questions and valuable advice. He believes that students need to focus on their writing skills, because if you’re a good writer, you’ll be able to get a job anywhere. Telloni then joked that all writing is not done in 140 characters. Writing takes thought and creativity. In addition, students should always be asking “why?” and prepare themselves to work more than just a typical 9-5 job.

Be sure to attend next week’s meeting, so you can vote for your 2014-2015 PRSSA executive board!

2014 Bateman Competition: #yOUrPaymentSolution

By Briagenn Adams

ImageThe 2014 Scripps PRSSA Bateman team has been hard at work during the month of February, actively implementing its “yOUr Payment Solution” spring break campaign to promote this year’s client, Popmoney.

The Bateman Case Study Competition is PRSSA’s premier national case study competition for public relations students that gives participants the opportunity to apply classroom education and internship experience to create and implement a full public relations campaign. This year, PRSSA partnered with Fiserv, Inc., a global provider of financial services technology services, and asked Bateman participants to promote Fiserv’s person-to-person mobile money transfer application, Popmoney.

This was Scripps PRSSA’s second experience with the Bateman Competition, and the official 2014 Bateman team was announced in late fall of 2013: Cidnye Weimer became the Campaign Director, Allison Evans the Creative Director, Briagenn Adams became the Director of Communications, Ali Cupelli the Director of Social Media and Sarah Rachul became the Director of Operations and Special Events. Immediately, the planning process began. Image

Because Ohio University’s spring break falls the first week in March, the Bateman team decided to focus its entire campaign around the popular college vacation. Spring break is a time when the majority of college students venture south for a week, splitting gas money and paying hotel deposits. Because it has the potential to cause a financial burden, Popmoney became the perfect payment solution to ease spring break planning.

Unlike Scripps PRSSA’s previous client for the “Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Youth Bullying” Bateman Competition in 2013, Popmoney is an existing enterprise with corporate responsibilities. As such, the Scripps PRSSA Bateman team had to treat the company as a real-life client, and had to seek approval for all aspects of the campaign prior to implementation. Although frustrating at times, that additional challenge gave the Bateman team a chance to experience the authenticity of client communications and agency life.

In 28 days, the 2014 Scripps PRSSA Bateman team was able to pull off an exceptional “yOUr Payment Solution” campaign. After copious amounts of primary and secondary research, the Scripps PRSSA Bateman team planned and executed two major events, one innovative social media promotion and a strategically traditional media placement. The “yOUr Payment Solution” campaign generated over 200,000 impressions and resulted in approximately 180 downloads of the application, Popmoney.

PR Newswire to Scripps PRSSA — Feb. 17, RECAPPED

By Gary Bridgens

Scripps PRSSA’s week six meeting brought PR Newswire to Athens for a comprehensive look into what truly fuels the public relations industry. As usual, there were quite a few updates at the beginning of the meeting:

  • Congratulations to our PRSSA President, Nicole Spears! She was voted the Scripps PRSSA Outstanding Graduate for 2014.
  • Got Swabbed? A bone marrow registry collection organization on campus is working to promote their annual “Get Swabbed” event. The event will take place 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the third floor of the Baker Center, Monday February 24.
  • Best of luck to the Scripps PRSSA Bateman Team, who will be hosting an event on Sunday, February 23 from 3-5 p.m. on the first floor of the Baker Center. Only one team of 4-5 members will be allowed per student organization. Every member of each team must bring one jar of peanut butter and one jar of jelly to be donated to Athens’ Children’s Services as admission. Teams will have the opportunity to win spring break related prizes and there will be free Insomnia Cookies!
  • The Ohio State University will be sponsoring the regional PaRtners conference in Columbus on Saturday, April 12th. For more information regarding the conference visit The Ohio State PRSSA’s web page.
  • PR Career Week begins next week! February 24th brings about the very first Scripps PR Career Week. Registration for all events, including day of competition, is still open and all are encouraged to participate!
  • CORPSA Match Day will be taking place Thursday, February 20th. If you are attending Match Day and need a ride, please email as soon as possible!
  • Monday’s spotlight member was Angela Keane. You can follow Angela on Twitter @angela_keane.
  • The OU ImPRessions spotlight highlighted the Go Bus account. The account members have been working diligently and have come up with a successful social media giveaway campaign! Follow @ridegobus to learn more about how you can win free ride trip bus tickets and a Go Bus backpack!


Jenni Rumer is a Customer Content Services Manager at PR Newswire, where she manages the day-to-day operations of content specialists. After graduating from the University of Akron, Jenni joined PR Newswire in 2006 as a Member Services Representative. Jenni additionally interviews and hires new staff as well as serves as a management sponsor for the PR Newswire Internship Program.

Jenni jumped right into valuable information as she began by discussing the fundamental services of PR Newswire. “On the most basic level, we distribute Press Releases,” she said. However, we soon came to learn that these are not your average news releases. As a result of their use of satellite distribution, PR Newswire allows companies to quickly release information at incomparable speeds. The content shoots directly to an immense number of traditional and non-traditional news outlets. Jenni claims the appropriate use of non-traditional news outlets greatly increases the ROI for your client.

A recent increase in focus on visual and multimedia options exponentially enhances the PR Newswire press release. The idea that fragmented absorption of information is the most effective method guides this manner of presentation. Jenni claims that PR Newswire press releases get more views when they contain multimedia content and involve “information stacking.” Information stacking plays upon the impression that something visual can be absorbed and shared faster. Basically, a PR Newswire news release is the “full package” of information for the audience to learn everything they need to know.

Sam Tischler, a 2012 suma cum laude graduate from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, then spoke about her journey to successfully landing a job at PR Newswire as a Sales Support Representative. She accredits her success to the Scripps PRSSA and Scripps School of Journalism. Sam said that one of her favorite things about working at PR Newswire is being able to see, full circle, the work that goes into a great press release and the impact it makes.

Jenni and Sam both proclaimed their adulation for Scripps’ programs. According to Jenni, Ohio University has restructured the PR program to reflect the changing industry landscape. For this reason, Jenni loves to interview Bobcats! When asked what she looks for in a candidate for employment, Jenni responded, “Organized, engaged, and driven.”

To learn more about employment opportunities at PR Newswire, check out You can follow the Beyond PR blog at:

Gary Bridgens is a junior student at Ohio University. Follow him on Twitter @garingiscaring or connect with him on LinkedIN!

Surviving the Interview, 101

By Adrienne Gossett

ImageWhether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time rookie, interviewing can be tricky. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing exactly what to expect from an interviewer, but you can always prepare yourself for anything thrown your way.  I’ve been doing interviews for years and thought I’d share some tips and tricks I wish I had known from the beginning:

Nonverbal cues: Many times when prepping for interviews we focus more on what we are planning to say versus planning to do. I know I do not spend time thinking of how I’m going to sit or where I’m going to look during an interview. But, interviewers are watching for those kinds of things. The top most common nonverbal mistakes include making little eye contact, bad posture (so sit up straight!), fidgeting, using too many hand gestures, and lack of a smile.

Minding your P’s and Q’s: The use of proper grammar is not only important while writing, but also while speaking. Your spoken grammar is one the easiest and quickest indicators for an employer to decide your worth. Be aware of how you’re pronouncing words and that you’re using complete sentences.

Do your Research: One major turn off for an employer is when a candidate knows little to nothing about the company. One of the most common questions during an interview is “what do you know about our company?” Having no idea shows the employer that you don’t care and puts your chances of landing the job or internship at risk. Take some time before the interview to research the company. Look into their previous campaigns, their history, the products or services they offer, philanthropic projects and their awards and achievements. Thinking you know something versus actually knowing makes a huge difference.

Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer questions. An interview should work as a two-way street. The employer uses the interview as a way of determining if you’re the ideal fit for the job. You should use it as a means of assessing how well you would fit in, if you could do your best work within the environment, and how well your goals align with those of your potential employer.

Be yourself: As cliché as it sounds, you won’t do yourself justice by trying to be someone you’re not. It is best to be honest about who you are because it creates a better rapport between you and the employer.

Practice, practice, practice: Practice makes perfect.  It’s always a good idea to practice some typical interview questions before your actual interview. The more familiar you are with the questions, the more relaxed you will be while responding during your interview. However, never go into your interview with memorized responses. You don’t want to sound like a rehearsed robot.

An interview can be the scariest part of the internship process. But it’s only as scary as you make it. Staying calm, cool, and collected is your best bet. Remember, this is the time when it’s okay to brag about yourself; this is your time to shine, don’t let it slip by.

MARC USA visits Scripps PRSSA, Feb. 10 RECAPPED!

By Gary Bridgens

On Monday, February 10, the Scripps PRSSA chapter held yet another famous Monday meeting. This meeting was particularly exciting, as Professor Davis’ capstone advertising class accompanied the usual members and were able to here from the talented professionals of MARC USA.

Before the presentation began, there were quite a few updates that you definitely don’t want to miss!

  • Sarah Rachul, a member of the Scripps PRSSA Bateman Competition Team, recapped a recent event that gained more than 55,000 impressions on social media for their client, Popmoney. The event was held to help college students plan affordable and safe spring break vacations.
  • The Ohio State University PRSSA will be hosting the regional PaRtners Conference at The Ohio State Union in Columbus on Saturday, April 12. For more information on the conference, follow the hashtag, #inspireOSUPR.
  • The inaugural Scripps PR Career Week will be held the week of February 24 and registration is officially open! Learn more or register for the Day-of-Competition event here and follow along with the hashtag, #ScrippsPRCW
  • There will be an informational meeting on February 19 at 9 p.m. for anybody interested in the upcoming Scripps PRSSA Executive Board elections and/or the long-anticipated annual networking trip! This year the chapter will travel to Charlotte.
  • Follow Tessa Austin, the Scripps PRSSA Spotlight Member of the Week, on Twitter! Her handle is @t_austin054.

This week’s featured speaker was Rob Throckmorton, SPHR. Rob is a graduate of Washington and Jefferson and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. After serving his country, Rob moved back home to Pittsburgh to work as a human resources professional at Fisher Scientific. He currently serves as Director of Employment and Staffing at MARC USA, an integrated advertising agency with more than $50 million in annual billings. MARC stands for “Marketing, Advertising, Research, and Consultancy.”

Rob covered a variety of topics that addressed both the aspiring advertising and public relations professionals in the room. The main conversation stemmed from a MARC USA portfolio of video and print advertising. Students discussed work done for clients such as The American Heart Association, Build-A-Bear, Cooper Tire, Rite Aid, and The Pennsylvania Lottery. Students were prompted to respond to the effectiveness of the ads and infer how public relations could be applicable in the distribution of that ad.

Rob then addressed the unique style of MARC USA’s work, particularly the assimilated, “marketing generalist” attitude of their creative process. He emphasized that MARC USA is not just an advertising agency, but their services include marketing and full service public relations management. Offering everything from crisis management to social influence/advocacy, their end goal is “…to create a well-rounded and integrated marketing package of PR and advertising.” MARC USA places a true emphasis on the importance of a collaborative, interdisciplinary work environment.

The group subsequently heard from Molly Daniels (PHR), a Penn State University graduate, certified Professional in Human Resources and current Human Resources Staffing and Recruitment Consultant at MARC USA. Molly informed the group of the copious internship and employment opportunities available at MARC USA offices around the country. Valuable networking opportunities are one of the many reasons we love PRSSA so much! Molly and Rob then commented on the recruitment process at MARC USA, which remains undoubtedly impressive! Beyond the typical interview process, MARC USA allows applicants to give a presentation to showcase their performance and experience on a previous project. In terms of tips for the process, Rob prefers to hire people who are prepared to be engaged and hit the ground running. MARC USA offers a very real experience to entry-level employees.

For more information on employment opportunities at MARC USA, check out

Other than that, we’ll see you next Monday!