What happens when the Bobcat graduates come back to play: 10/14/13, RECAPPED

By Megan Newton

graduate panelExcitement filled Scripps 111 on Monday, October 14, as members took their seats for our weekly meeting, but not before hugging some old friends who were in town for the annual recent graduate panel.

But before we could hear the amazing accomplishments that the last six months have brought our alumni, we were visited by some other fellow Bobcat student organizations. First, members from Empower – a group of students who work together to raise money for the education of children in Uganda – visited to invite students to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to enrich the lives of others in need, Empower meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Bentley 023, or feel free to follow them on Twitter: @EmpowerUganda.

Representatives of FIJI, a social fraternity currently in the process of re-colonizing their Ohio University chapter, also visited us. The gentlemen spoke to members about a scholarship opportunity for men not currently involved in Greek life. Please note that applying or acceptance of the scholarship is no commitment to the fraternity in any way.

President Nicole Spears then took over the meeting to inform the chapter of events happening in the next few weeks. First, Pumpkin Carving with Ad Club, a Scripps PRSSA tradition, will take place in the Scripps Amphitheater on October 30 at 6:30 p.m. There will be games, snacks, prizes and fun, so be sure to stop by! Also, there will be an information session for Amplified Communication – a new organization started by fellow PRSSA members, on Thursday, October 17th at 7:30 in Ellis 024. For more information, check out their Twitter: @AmplifiedOU.

Finally, onto our very special guests! PRSSA welcomed back Heather Bartman, Allison Jordan, Sienna Tomko and Nikki Germano – all BSJ graduates from the class of 2013.

When asked what they regretted or what they wish they would have done differently during their time spent in beloved Athens, all four girls agreed on one thing: they wish they had studied abroad. The most helpful thing they gained from PRSSA was connections, not only professional but also personal. This made us realize that the people sitting with us in PRSSA truly are going to be your co-workers in a few short years.

Post graduation life brings many challenges. When asked what her biggest challenge was, Allison Jordan replied, “The amount of responsibility you are given can be very intimidating. But, your new employer is going to have faith and confidence in you unless you give them a reason not to.” Sienna Tomko’s struggles involved something very common for new graduates – starting over completely in a new city, all alone.

Heather Bartman’s advice to our undergrads was “have faith that everything can and will fall into place.” Nikki Germano chimed in with great insight as well: “Interview for everything! If there’s something that stands out about you to a potential employer, they’re going to want to talk to you. And when they talk to you, they’ll know if you’re the right fit for the position.”

In conclusion, it was a great night of questions, advice, and reminiscing that proved that the things we learn during our beloved time spent in Scripps Hall are things we are going to carry with us forever – because once a Scripps kid, always a Scripps kid.

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