Dress to ImPRess

By Angela Keane

Deciding on what to wear for an interview can sometimes (always) be difficult. Based on a first impression, an interviewer can tell whether you would be a good fit for their company. How you dress can make or break your chances of getting that dream job, so here are some tips to help you make a great impression:

1. Know the company culture

Take this into consideration when you are dressing for an interview. Do the company employees wear suits everyday or do they dress more casually? Most of the time, you should go to the interview a little overdressed. This will make a good impression, and looking good for an interview has never been a bad thing. If anything, it will make you look and feel more confident about yourself.

2. Know what colors/patterns compliment you

For colors, know what compliments your hair and skin. Find out if you have a warm color tone or cool color tone. Warm color tones look better with red, orange, yellow, and brown. Cool color tones look better which rich colors such as blue, purple, green, and gray. As for patterns, you never want to wear something too outrageous. Bold lines correlate with a stronger look where as softer lines correlate with a more gentle approach. Triangle patterns are typically correlated with strength where as circles/curved lines are less aggressive. Other factors that must be considered are the number of patterns, colors, and shades that you wear.

3.Don’t over accessorize

All of your accessories should be understated and professional.  Girls, always wear a minimal amount of jewelry and make up. You don’t want anything too flashy because you want the interviewer to pay attention to you, not your fabulous statement necklace. Guys, don’t wear strong cologne because it can (definitely will) be overkill. Also, you don’t know whether the interviewer is allergic, and during an interview is not the best time to find that out.

4. Always dress more conservatively

When trying to impress the interviewer, don’t  go for anything that is distracting. Choose a simple style and soft colors to wear. This shows professionalism and punctuality. Showing too much skin or wearing colors that are too bright can lead people to believe that you don’t play by the rules.

5. Cleanliness is a must

Clean, pressed clothes are a must. Have a clean and fresh haircut that compliments your face. For men, make sure you shave or keep your facial hair to a minimum. Always have clean, polished shoes, well-brushed teeth, clean fingernails, and absolutely no body odor. Personal grooming and cleanliness should be impeccable.

Dressing up for an interview can be stressful and confusing, but keep in mind that you have already landed the interview, so do your best and present yourself well. And always remember, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

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