Travel and PR… What could be better?

By Michelle Reinold

travel PRAsk someone older what their biggest regret is, or what they wish they had done when they were younger, I promise that most people will say, “travel.” We all know the endless things PR students can do after graduation. Traveling is a rare opportunity for people in general, but PR is needed all around the world, and fortunately, we can go along for the ride.

There are many benefits of travel in PR. The obvious one to me is seeing the world. PR is one of the lucky careers where you can pick to go wherever your heart desires. You just have to do the research on a company and BOOM! You can be on a plane to Italy the next day. PR is something we all clearly love to do. Now add exploring, site seeing and traveling into the mix, what could be better then that? To me, the most important thing a person can do is experience other cultures, and explore life beyond the comfort zone. The benefit of having an international PR job is that you can do these things without taking a year off after college or spending tons of money.

Not only is seeing the world while working a benefit, but so is experiencing PR in other parts of the country. Think about the knowledge you could bring back to Ohio after spending a year in Paris or London. Things are never the same in different cultures and incorporating those differences into your work ethic will make you unique and desirable to a company.

What do you want out of this crazy career and life? Who wouldn’t want to talk about the work they did in Germany when trying to impress a client or employer? Not only will you impress them, but you will be happy that you took advantage of the world while you still could.

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