Putting the PR in Prince: The #ScrippsPRCW Twitter Chat, RECAPPED

By Sarah Rachul

Last week, members of Scripps PRSSA gathered in the Alden Rollins Room for the much anticipated Matt Prince twitter chat. Many were excited for the chance to learn about personal branding from such a well versed expert, while others (especially me) were thrilled to be chatting with a Disney social media manager. That’s right, DISNEY.

ImageThe appropriately named Matt Prince is one of the few people lucky enough to call Mickey his boss. On that note, I took the liberty of dressing appropriately for the chat. This ability to be playful is one of the reasons I love PRSSA twitter chats! We’re here for learning and networking but it’s a also a great way to have fun and foster personal connections.

Matt chose to ask six questions over the course of the hour and was quick to respond back to numerous answers given by PRSSA members. The six questions (as well as Matt’s personal answers) were:

 1. What is the best personal branding advice you’ve ever received?“

“Be the best possible version of yourself. Live ever day like you’re on a first date.” – Matt

This question also inspired a great quote from Aurora Stromberg, check out the screenshot!


2. What content or habits help you refine your personal brand?

While Matt didn’t have an answer for this one, most of the Scripps PRSSA members tweeted answers having to do with keeping social media “transparent” to ensure that followers are getting to know the real person behind the brand.

3. How do you adapt your personal brand to different social media platforms?

“I adapt my social media platforms to my brand.” This is a great answer from Matt because it demonstrates that you control your social media, it does not control you. Once you start controlling your content then you will truly be shaping your brand.

4. How do you translate your online personal brand to networking face-to-face?

“Online is where I plant my networking seed. Face-to-face is where I water and nurture those into relationships.” – Matt. The group tweeting in the Rollins Room got a kick out of this poetic answer but it did offer some solid advice. Matt also mentioned how he invites professional connections to be friends on Facebook because he believes that personal insight strengthens his brand.

5. When did your personal brand help you or hurt you?

Matt did not have an answer for this question either and it seemed to stump those sitting in the Rollins Room as well. The only negatives we could think of might occur in situations like a Twitter chat when our dedication to networking and professional growth causes us to lose Twitter followers! #PRprobs

6. Question six wasn’t really a question but rather a challenge: Pitch your personal brand in 140 or less!

This challenge was taken on whole heartedly by the PRSSA chatters and received some great responses. The Ohio State PRSSA chapter even tweeted a response! Because we love hearing from other chapters during our Twitter chats, that was very exciting!

In the end, everyone who partook in the chat gained some great personal branding knowledge. I know I was inspirited to take a look at my brand, as well as social media platforms to make sure I was representing myself in the best way possible. If you want to read through the entire chat just search  #ScrippsPRCW and enjoy every last “magical” tweet.

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