Open letter from our new professional adviser, Zach Wright!

zach wright headshotHey friends!

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to come in and speak with you all yesterday. It was really a great experience for me to see so many driven and motivated people in one room! I know many of you were not able to connect with me after or before the panel so I wanted to extend an open invitation to connect with me, so that we can foster and grow our relationship.

I want you all to know how impressed I am with you, and frankly how jealous I am that you have such a well run and great organization built where you can be surrounded by passionate and knowledgeable people.

I encourage you all to continue to use the Scripps PRSSA to challenge each other, to grow and to continue to strive to get better. Never settle, and always keep fighting for what you want and what you’re passionate about.

You have all inspired me to want to be better, and to keep searching out challenges so that I can continue to grow.

I have every confidence that you will all do great things one day, and I am excited to connect with you so that I can bare witness to just how great all of you are! Please also feel free to use me as a resource for any questions you have or anything else you may need. I am always available to help (except when Kansas is playing in basketball.)

On that note I have shared my personal social media links with you below, and I hope that we are able to connect and keep in touch!

Thank you all again!

– Zach


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