How To Craft The Perfect Twitter Bio

By Jess Carnprobst

Chances are, you have a Twitter account. At this point most of us do. However, one thing that many of us don’t have is the perfect Twitter bio. Mine is by no means perfect, and I am still playing around with what works for me, but there are some uniform tricks to creating the perfect bio. A lot of us strive to have a professional account while keeping it personal too since, after all, we’re still in college.  

First, you need to make sure your bio is within the amount of characters Twitter allows you to use. That’s a given. While keeping it short, you also want to make sure that it describes you and is not generic without personality. By keeping your points short and concise, you can say everything you want to while still keeping it interesting.

ImageIf you are involved in organizations that will help your future career or hold a leadership position, that’s very important to list. It shows employers who may be looking at your social media sites that you are involved and serious about your career. If the organization you are a part of has a Twitter account, make sure you tag them. This way, people can easily click to find out more about the organization or program.

Along the lines of professionalism, if you have a professional blog, website or online portfolio, add that to your bio and link it to the site. It makes it much more convenient for employers to find out everything they want to when it is all in one place. The best part is that you can make sure employers are seeing what you want them to by tagging the things that you are most proud of.

Since I know everyone has a personality beyond what defines him or her professionally, it’s important to let that shine through. If you have a specific quote you live by, go ahead and add that into your bio. Think about everything that makes you unique and list what those things are. Part of my bio mentions that I am the creator of #cheeseweek and that I love Ohio University. My shout out to #cheeseweek creates conversation in interviews or with new followers, and helps me to stick out in a crowd. After all, I don’t know too many people who dedicate a week to cheese on Twitter every September. Mentioning my love for the Bobcats was important to me because that is a strong representation of who I am and what makes me happy. It’s easy for me to talk about OU and everything that I love about it. If you love fitness, eating, traveling, crafting or anything else that’s interesting and important to you, make sure you find the space to add that in as well. When people read your bio and see that you have common interests, conversations and connections will start much easier and more naturally. 

Most importantly, create a Twitter bio that is the perfect mix between fun and professionalism with a dash of creativity and individuality. No Twitter bio is a bad bio, but it will definitely help if yours stands out in a crowd.

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