“But First, Let Me Take A Selfie” – Brands Everywhere

By Megan Newton

Snapchat – admit it, it’s your favorite app. With it’s extremely popular audience (over 40 million downloads) the picture-messaging service has become quite the platform for capturing and sharing humorous moments. Snapchat serves as a portal for over 400 million (and growing) picture and video snaps per day. The application is now #19 on the free apps charts and third overall on the free photography apps charts, right behind key favorites, YouTube and Instagram.

Almost everyone I know uses Snapchat for personal amusement. But, did you know brands everywhere are also beginning to take advantage of Snapchat’s large audience and popularity? It’s true! Brands are using a range of marketing strategies on Snapchat, including: hosting contests, providing sneak peeks of exclusive content, offering coupons and discounts, giving behind the scenes looks, introducing new products and inviting fans to participate.

Here are just a few examples of brands who are doing it right:


Taco%20BellTaco Bell

Taco Bell has always had a huge social media presence that thrives on being incredibly interactive with the restaurant’s fans. So it’s no surprise that they were one of the first brands to adapt to Snapchat. Taco Bell first used the app to send out an exclusive announcement: the Beefy Crunch Burrito comeback. The Mexican food joint has many loyal fans, so the ability to interact in a new way went over extremely well. Add Taco Bell on Snapchat: tacobell


16 Handles

A New York frozen yogurt chain successfully used Snapchat to give their audience a direct and delicious deal. In return for a selfie of yourself enjoying one of their treats, 16 Handles replied with coupons for either 16%, 50%, or 100% off your next purchase. This promotion reached 1,400 engagements. 16 Handles said they chose Snapchat for this idea not only because the coupon couldn’t be shared, but also because they noticed the app was quite popular among their younger customers. Add 16 Handles on Snapchat: Love16Handles

Alex and Ani


The talented marketing squad behind the latest craze on the wrists of girls everywhere has officially joined the Snapchat world as well. Promoting positive energy and inspiration, Alex and Ani chose Snapchat as another way to empower their customers. The jewelry company used the app to promote their latest collection and took to Twitter to announce it! “We are bringing our #positiveenergy to your @Snapchat world! Add us for early access to our #SB48 Commercial.” Add Alex and Ani on Snapchat: alexandani

Rebecca Minkoff

The popular clothing brand decided to give all of its fans a chance to accompany them virtually at last year’s New York Fashion Week. The brand joined Snapchat to debut its Spring 2014 collection, just moments before it appeared on the runway. Uri Minkoff, the brand’s CEO said: “The consumer has a voice and say in our brand, they should get special perks even if they can’t attend the show.” Add Rebecca Minkoff on Snapchat: rebeccaminkoff


The food delivery service created its account in 2013, and uses the app to distribute special deals and surprises. Add GrubHub on Snapchat: grubhub


And that’s only five.

So if you’re looking for a new way to directly target your brand’s teen demographic – look into Snapchat. What it lacks in the ability to track analytics and success, it makes up for in audience. The app’s extreme popularity proves not only that its core audience is the audience many marketers are trying to reach, but also that it’s audience is ever-expanding, meaning Snapchat can be an essential addition to your brand’s marketing strategy in the present and future.


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