New executive board spotlight: VP of Member Relations Jess Carnprobst

Introducing Scripps PRSSA’s 2014-2015….

VP of Member Relations Jess Carnprobst


Major/Minor/Specializations/Certificates: Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing and a Global Leadership Certificate

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why did you decide to run for eboard?: I decided to run for eboard because I’ve grown to love every single second of being a part of PRSSA. PRSSA has fueled my passion and determination and I knew since the end of my freshman year that I wanted to be standing there with the rest of the executive board during my junior year. I especially wanted to become the VP of Member Relations because I value each and every member, and owe my love to this organization to all of them. I want everyone to fall in love with PRSSA the way I did, because I think that everyone deserves to feel that passion and belonging.

Career Goals?: My goals change and grow a little bit each day, but I would love to intern or work at a PR agency somewhere in Europe after graduation. Then, I would like to come back to the states and work at a small PR agency. Ideally, I would love to work with a combination of food and tourism clients. Way way down the road, it would be absolutely amazing to start my own agency. I have a lot of dreams and I can’t wait to see where they take me!

Favorite Spot on Campus?: West Green will always be my favorite spot on campus because that’s what I’ve called home for the past two years. College Green comes in a very close second, and I don’t think I will ever get over how beautiful it is.

Campus Involvement?: I have been involved in PRSSA and ImPRessions since my freshman year. I also work as a Learning Community Leader and I am a JSchool Ambassador. I tried out a bunch of organizations as a freshman, my funniest and most challenging being the Women’s Crew team.

Hobbies?: I’m a professional eater, specializing in cheese. I have a past time in telling cheesy puns, traveling, reading, writing and enjoying time with family and friends.

Favorite Athens food joint?: BIG MAMMA’S!! Slowly but surely, I’m training for the Big Mamma Challenge.

How many siblings do you have?: I have an older sister and two younger brothers. As of last Labor Day, I now have a little sister too: my dog, Dasha.

Most embarrassing moment?: Oh boy, this is a tough one. I feel as if my life is made of a bunch of embarrassing moments, but they give me all of my funny stories. The first one to come to mind is when I had a leaf on my head the first day of my internship last summer. I met everyone, including my boss, with this leaf stuck to the top of my head. I didn’t even notice it until someone pulled it out of my hair almost an hour later. It was windy that morning, okay!

Favorite thing about being Bobcat: To simply put it, everything. I love the pride that comes along with being a Bobcat. Even more, I love our Bobcat family which really is a loving, supportive, crazy and encouraging family. OHIO is the perfect school inside of the perfect town. I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else.

Follow Jess on Twitter at @jess_carnprobst

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