New executive board spotlight: VP of Internal Relations Kelsey Miller

Introducing Scripps PRSSA’s 2014-2015…..

VP of Internal Relations Kelsey Miller



Major/Minor/Specializations/Certificates: Strategic Communication with a specialization in Marketing and Tourism; Certificate in Social Media

Hometown: Marion, OH (Nomansland,USA)

Why did you decide to run for eboard? I  knew Internal Relations would be a great opportunity to meet and recruit new members and be more connected with my chapter as a whole. PRSSA is truly my life and I want to give back to the chapter as much as it has given to me!

Career Goals? I would love to work in an agency to start on a tourism account then work my way into doing PR for a fancy schmancy hotel, resort or a city!

Favorite Spot on Campus? Emeretti Park and College Green, of course

Favorite Singer/Band? It changes between alternative Mayday Parade to R&B with Chris Brown and Trey Songz to classic boy toys like the Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter….I go through a lot of phases…It is R&B currently

Campus Involvement? ImPRessions, CLDC Social Media Consultant, Social Media Student Organization, Student Alumni Board, PRSSA Social Media Committee, NSAC, Ad Club, Alpha Phi Omega, University Professor Interview Committee

Hobbies? Heavily lifting, eating, talking and watching Seinfeld…and PR

Favorite Athens food joint? CASA NUEVA

How many siblings do you have? 1, Ben is 2

Most Embarrassing Moment? I called my salad a babe once. I don’t function well when I’m hungry:(

Favorite thing about being a Bobcat? All of the wonderful opportunities I have received, all the people I have met and the sense of a family community…there is nothing to dislike

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