Inbound marketing and HubSpot: what it’s like to intern at WordWrite

By Jess Carnprobst

This summer, I am interning at WordWrite Communications, LLC, a public relations agency in downtown Pittsburgh. I was first drawn to this internship because they implement storytelling into their client work and they use HubSpot a very engaging inbound marketing platform. I love telling stories, but had never really learned much about inbound marketing. Between my love for writing and hunger to learn more about HubSpot, I knew that this was going to be the perfect internship.


Inbound marketing brings consumers in to their website through engaging and relevant content, and ideally turns them into customers, whereas outbound follows traditional marketing techniques to send all of their information out to the consumers, such as paying for ads on the Internet. With outbound marketing, your company needs to use multiple sites to manage emails, their blog, website and social media. Inbound marketing keeps it all in one place, providing easy access to your information and services. This also makes tracking analytics easier. In HubSpot, a company can manage everything (yes, I really do mean everything. I was skeptical at first too) all within their site. This means one login, one tab and all of your information generated in one place. They can then view all of their analytics through HubSpot in a way that is easy to see how effective the numbers actually are, instead of just regurgitating them.

Everything became clearer to me as I went through my inbound certification through HubSpot. After completing the certification, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Any time I even have the slightest doubts, HubSpot has a way to do whatever it is I’m attempting to complete, as well as a way to effectively track it.

However, the learning hasn’t stopped there. I am also gaining experience in design, video and video editing, which I never thought I would be doing this summer. Between assisting in creating social media content, writing for WordWrite as well as multiple clients, assisting in inbound efforts, planning events and my design and video experience, I’m gaining a wide variety of knowledge in just a few short months. Since day one, I’ve gained hands on experience. Each day in the office is a new adventure, and I always leave with an exciting story or lesson learned.

Even better than the learning aspect, I have truly felt welcome into the WordWrite family. From my first day, they all made me feel welcome, and I took little to no time adjusting to their company’s culture. Since this is a part-time internship, I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays waiting to go back to my OHIO themed desk. I’ve now worked here for six weeks, and the initial excitement has yet to fade. I have so much fun at work and I easily lose track of time. This summer has been amazing so far, and it’s only just begun! I can’t wait to continue learning and growing through my diverse experiences and work.

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