Graduate School Panel; October 6th meeting recap

By Devon Pine

HAPPY HOMECOMING WEEK! (Make sure to vote for Ben and Kaija for Homecoming court)

Despite the rain, we had a good crowd for the Graduate Panel.


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 Welcome, Graduate School Panel!

This week, we had a grad school panel join us and discuss why getting going to graduate school is worth it.

Kelsey Rogers is the assistant director for graduate admissions and student services at Ohio U. She came to talk to us about the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program (3 semester) that OU offers.

Katherine Hartman is a first year grad student, and works as a graduate assistant for the Division of Student Affairs in higher education, working outside of the classroom setting

Vee got his undergrad at Wright State, and is happy to have diversified his college experience at OHIO. He is also a first year graduate student working in the Division of Student Affairs, specifically in residential housing.

We opened up to questions fairly quickly, and our grad panel delivered.

Often times, businesses will pay for MBA programs. OU’s program does have corporate partnerships, and scholarships are offered for professionals that are working for a company that they have a partnership with. Often times, the graduate assistantship will cover tuition.

Most grad students are coming in right out of undergrad, but some are come in with one to three years of experience. There’s also MBA program for professions with 2+ years of experience. An MBA is a really versatile degree and can get you to the table that makes decisions. It is okay to take some time off and come back; there is a different program that can be taken in Columbus and Cleveland for professionals.

There are Graduate Assistants in all facets of the Division of Student Affairs. There is also an international aspect, a one-week experience, this year their going to Poland and Germany. It’s about emerging yourself into the culture, but also getting the international business experience, which sets people apart for future job searches.

Even the panel admitted that grad school is not for everyone; it depends on what you want to do. In the grad program, you can learn skills that will be essential to excel in any field. What’s important is that you’re passionate about your area of study.

This week’s meeting definitely got people thinking about post-grad plans.

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