Recent Grad Panel; October 13th meeting recap

By Devon Pine


  •  The Bateman Competition team sign up was due last night to Dan Farkas. The team will consist of 4-5 people and will be creating a campaign for the client Home Matters. Good luck to the applicants.
  •  Dues are due!! Turn ‘em in.
  •  Marisa Fiore is calling all members how would like to be part of the College Town Film Festival PR team. Email her if interested,
  •  Spirit jerseys are back on sale, never too early to send the link to your parents for holiday gift ideas. The link can be found on Facebook. This year, there will be the orginal green with white lettering that can be seen on Scripps kids all over campus. Also this year, white jerseys with green lettering will be offered.
  •  Congrats to Taylor Dilley for being selected tonight’s member spotlight, it’s not too late to congradulate her via Twitter, @taylor_dilley
  • Also congrats to the Impression’s account spotlight, College Bookstore for all of their hard work this past Homecoming weekend.
  • If you’re interested in helping the Impressions Express account out with campaign research, contact Lindsey Zimmerman (
  • The International Week PR Committee meeting was cancelled last night, but look out for an email regarding next week’s event.

Welcome, Recent Grad Panel!

This week, we had three past PRSSA presidents join us virtually and talk about life after leaving the bricks.

Untitled1Heather Farr is a Senior Account Exec. at Edelman in Chicago. She has a background in media relations, thought leadership, social media and account management within the corporate tech, B2B, startup, industrial and financial industries. She has been with Edelman for about a year now, but since graduation has also worked at the Chicago based agency Walker Sans. Her day-to-day work consists of collaborating on five accounts, working in media relations, content creation and maintaining relationships with clinets.


Allison Jordan is a recent product of the Scripps J School who also started post-grad life off in Chicago. However, she is now working in agency life in Cleveland at Global Prairie. Allison’s day-to-day is not just traditional PR, but a blend of integrated media and marketing.


Untitled2Nicole Spears, the most recent grad on the panel, has been at Launch Squad in New York City. She landed the position after interning with the agency’s San Francisco office. Her day-to-day as an account associate is splitting time between media relations and thought leadership.

Here’s what we learned from our grads:

    • It’s okay to move jobs. Staying somewhere for only a year is not unheard of, especially in our industry. People move around a lot right after college, especially in big cities. A grad’s first agency gig right out of college is a good way to gain experience for a year or so. However, Heather recommends not making a habit of jumping around too much; the PR scene is fairly tight-knit in even large cities like Chicago.
  • If you are asked to set the bar for your salary, don’t undersell yourself. Talking about factors such as the cost of living in the city and the sector of PR with a mentor can help you figure out what is fair pay.
  • When it comes to transitioning from a post-grad internship to a full-fledged job, remember to be proactive and leave a good mark, whether you’re trying to get hired or just making contact. Show your personality during the internship, a big hiring-factor is whether or not the employees see you fitting into their environment.
  • Don’t forget to network! Keep in touch organically even if they are in another city. Start in OU alumn pages and reach out to them.
  • Connect with our grads on LinkedIn; Bobcats love to help other Bobcats.


Thank you to our “Past Prez” Grad Panel for joining us tonight; it was truly wonderful to have you three back.

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