9 ways to tell you are the Grinch of the office

By Elise Mills

Your coworkers are smiling from ear to ear, despite you switching the salt and sugar containers in the break room. Your boss tells you good work and you get a slap on the back, but you are not sure why, you’ve been late everyday this week. You then realize what the date is… December 23rd. That’s when you ask, why don’t you have that Christmas spirit? If you agree with most of this list.. you may be the Grinch of the office.

1. When your coworkers invite you to a party, you tell them you are just too busy.grinch 1

2. While everyone else is dieting in preparation for the holiday feasts, you rip open the family size bag of Lays and dig in, despite having your lunch break less than two hours ago.grinch 2

3. Sam from Accounting’s cat died, everyone in the office is chipping in five dollars for flowers. Not only do you refuse to donate money, you steal the collected money to go skiing in Denver next spring. grinch 3

“The Grinch’s heart was two sizes too small.”

4. The company holiday party is tonight but you can’t find anything to wear, so you decide not to go… until the last minute. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 2.50.39 PM

5. When you do decide to interact with the peasents in the office, they look at you like you’ve just come from out of hiding.Untitled

6. But it doesn’t matter, because you have a plan.

grinch 6

7. Until they make you the life of the party.

grinch 7

8. But when they try to play a prank on you, you let them have it. Changing the way the entire office thinks.

grinch 8

9. And all though some think they have changed you, you will always be a Grinch, it’s just who you are.

grinch 9



Elise is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Business Administration. She is hoping to purse Global Leadership Certificate as well. After graduation, she wants to do brand/image management and travel wherever her bank account can take her. Follow Elise on Twitter at @itsELISElove!

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