What to do while you’re missing PRSSA this break

By Megan Newton


It’s officially week two of Christmas break and by now, the separation anxiety from the wonderland that is Athens, Ohio is probably setting in. Sure, it’s a great feeling to be home catching up on sleep and celebrating with friends and family. But, I know for me this time of year makes me think of the family I’ve gained at Ohio University, and how this is the one time of year I wish we could spend together too.

One of my most cherished families is, of course, Scripps PRSSA. Between doing my best to attend every event possible, serving on exec and having class with fellow members, PRSSA is a huge part of my everyday life when I’m home away from home in Athens. That being said, you can tell I’m really missing my best friends and I have a feeling you are too. So, here are some tips to keep you thinking of your PRSSA family and get you geared up and excited for next semester!

Grab lunch with a friend who lives nearby.

It took Mira Kuhar and I about four days before deciding we needed to hang out. We grabbed lunch, walked around Target, drank Starbucks and talked about our PRSSA goals for next semester. This was great because it created a little piece of Athens and PRSSA in my hometown. Odds are, a fellow Scripps PRSSA-er lives close enough to meet up. Don’t be shy!

Update your resume.

Break is the perfect time to do this because let’s be honest, who has time for this during the crazy hustle and bustle of the semester? This is a perfect time for learning new things and exploring things you’ve always wanted to in the world of PR. For example, try creating a resume using InDesign! You can get a 30 day free trial – perfect for our month long break!

Have coffee with a professional.

Caffeine is the universal language spoken in the world of public relations. I can promise if you reach out with the idea of coffee, almost any professional will be willing to jump at the opportunity to talk – especially recent grads. These people were in our shoes not too long ago and give the best advice. Your dream job may only be one latte away.

Find your dream internship.

This is the time. Majority of internship applications are posted around the beginning of January, so get a head start! Send emails, do something bold to make you stand out, take chances. You won’t have this much free time for a while, so take advantage of it!

Write for fun.

Between homework assignments, research papers, and final essays you’re probably sick of writing. BUT this is a month to do whatever makes you happy and for most of us, that means writing. Start a blog, or resurrect the one you’ve been neglecting all semester. Share it with your fellow PRSSA-ers – we love to support each other. I often times find reading other’s blogs almost as fun as writing for my own.

I’m not saying these activities will replace that feeling you get on Mondays at 6 p.m., but I’m hoping they’ll help get you excited for the upcoming semester and make your long distance relationship with chapter members a little bit easier. Happy holidays, PR stars! See you all soon.

rTQWeiCeMegan Newton is a Strategic Communication major with a double specialization in Anthropology and Music Business. After graduation, she aspires to help clients (especially musicians) expand their fan base and engage audiences through creative branding, compelling story telling and content creation. Follow her on Twitter at @_megannewton!

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