Seelio and Portfolio Building Workshop; January 27th meeting recap

by Mira Kuhar

It is week 3 and PRSSA is finally back in the swing of things! This week’s meeting was a great way to kick off the PRSSA semester.


  • PRSSA is introducing a new Historian Committee! This gives members a chance to go through PRSSA’s past and sort through old documents as well as create a running list of Scripps PRSSA alumni. Talk to Sam Miller or Gary Bridgens if you are interested in joining. The committee will be meeting Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in Dan Farkas’ office in Schoonover 209
  • Scripps spirit jerseys are finally ready to be picked up! You can pick them up at any PRSSA meeting in the future, or contact Cidnye for more information on how to get yours
  • The Scripps PRSSA tips and tricks form is up! This week’s tip is about LinkedIn and how to find alumni. Check it out under the Professional Development tab on the website
  • Our chapter is implementing a professional mentor program where dues paying members will get paired with a professional who is available as a contact to help with all things PR! Contact Briagenn Adams or email to get signed up
  • We have two networking trips coming up! #ScrippsPRSSAtoCLE is taking place this Friday, January 30th. #ScrippsPRSSAtoChi is happening March 26-27, and there will be more information on the details of the trip coming soon!
  • It’s not too late to pay your dues! February 16th is the deadline for the spring PRSSA membership. Contact the VP of Finance, Gary Bridgens, if you are interested in becoming a member this semester.
  • This week’s member spotlight is kelsey norman! Give her a shout out tweet at @kelsey_normann
  • The impressions spotlight of the week is Express! Follow them on Twitter at @ExpressLife
  • Scripps PRSSA’s Bateman team is gearing up for their implementation in the month of February. Look for updates on events so you can come out and support our team and all their hard work
  • Sign up for the PR and Social Media committee! Email Mira Kuhar or Erica Stonehill for more information, or the Scripps gmail account The first meeting of the semester will take next week after PRSSA at 7pm in Alden 250

Welcome, David Nesbitt and Seelio!


This week’s meeting was focused on portfolios, what they are, and why they are an important compliment to your resume. Seelio, an online portfolio building platform, is a great way to showcase the PR work you have done.

Screen_shot_2011-07-18_at_3.42.21_AMDavid Nesbitt, an employee of Seelio, presented to PRSSA in an interactive webinar to show how Seelio can best be used to showcase your work.

Seelio is really great for professional development. It’s a great tool to help set goals for your education and career It demonstrates how you have applied coursework to real-world experiences. You can also track your professional growth by upload new works each time you complete them.

Seelio is great for collaboration. It has the set of up a social media site so you can get important feedback from faculty and peers through comments on your projects. The tag and search tool helps you to discover how others in your field are capturing their experiences, and you can get ideas on how you want your portfolio to look. This function also helps users to find someone to work with or share a work with the larger community so all the users of Seelio can see what you’re up to.

Showcase to gain exposure. Build your online presence and be discovered by following people and joining groups. Doing this can be a really great compliment to your resume because you can add multimedia images and videos to your works. This potentially means more than a resume or LinkedIn profile because it shows a 3D example of what you’ve done; pictures tell more than just a few bullet points of text.

Seelio is really easy to link to. You can put in your email signature, on your resume, and in the bios of your social media profiles. It looks great on every platform; computers, tablets and smartphones.

A few out of the box examples of things to include on your Seelio account: cross cultural experiences, course projects, work experiences, research papers, music performances, athletic leadership, volunteer activities or presentations and speeches. Seelio makes it easy to showcase these experiences through photographs, and it gives employers a different perspective of the things you have done.

The end goal of Seelio is to have a place to keep a running document of all your experiences in one place. If you create and build it over time, it’s a really great way to document everything you’ve done. If you wait and do it when things are 2-3 years in the past, you may not be able to remember where the materials are you would like to showcase or what you did.

Head on over to to start building your portfolio today!

Thank you so much to David Nesbitt and Seelio for taking the time to talk to #ScrippsPRSSA. Learning how to showcase your skills in new ways is important, and this meeting really taught all of our members that valuable piece of knowledge during this meeting!

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