Healthcare PR from Sarah Wagoner at Children’s National: February 2nd meeting recap

by Mira Kuhar

This meeting took us on a journey to the healthcare side of PR! It was great to see so many smiling faces eager and ready to learn about this different side of the industry.


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Welcome, Sarah Wagoner!


Sarah is a PR and Marketing senior specialist at Children’s National Health System in Washington D.C.

Sarah’s presentation was focused around repositioning the Children’s National brand. The first step was to work with an advertising agency to create a new logo that heighted consumer awareness to the Children’s Medical brand. “Mr.Bear,” the bear featured in their logo, is now a brighter color and his hand is in the shape of a heart that ties back to the overall objective of Children’s National.bearscompare-1*304 Next, Sarah talked about how research was a critical part of the rebranding process. It helps a company know how they want to position themselves to their audience by seeing what the current perceptions of their brand are and how they can improve upon that. They began to position themselves as champions, using the phrase “we stand for children” among others to show that they stand for children’s health and promotion their future. Sarah also talked about how the positioning is not a slogan, it’s a stand. She quoted one of the employees at Children’s National saying that the positioning should be the “tattoo under your scrubs.” It’s not something you present out in the open, but it is there to inform marketing, recruitment, philanthropy, employee engagement and operations.

Next, Sarah talked about how the company internally kicked off the rebranding. She showed us a very powerful video that was an important aspect in the process to get employees on board with the change. They also did a few other things to get the staff at Children’s National on board because without their support, the rebranding would not be a success. One major part of rebranding than many of us fail to think about is the physical aspects. The digital is easy to change and make amends, however changing things like logos on signs and the colors of the walls in the building is something a little more permanent, yet not less important.

Through all of this, Children’s National figured out their target market, and started implementing their campaign to the public. Getting the website up and running was the last piece to the puzzle. Walking through how a company has rebranded themselves is an awesome eye opening experience. This meeting was a really informative one for members who are interested in the branding aspect of PR, as well as the healthcare sector.

Scripps PRSSA would like to give a  huge thanks to Sarah for presenting to us! Give her a follow on Twitter at @JMUswag

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