Wintering in Athens: Sibs Weekend

 By Alyssa Das


Do you want to do something different this weekend? Don’t let the cold weather keep you from experiencing Athens.

Maybe you’ve seen all that Netflix has to offer. Maybe your resume is perfectly polished, and you have already applied for every summer internship/job possible. Maybe you’re sick of your roommate. Or maybe, you’re like me, and you have a younger sibling or relative coming to Athens this weekend and you have no idea what to do with them.

No matter the circumstance, let this serve as a guide to a more exciting approach to wintering in Athens, and don’t let the cold weather deter you from experiencing everything this town has to offer.

Sibs Weekend is this weekend, which means Ohio University has loads of cool things you can do, with or without a sibling. Here is a list:

Catch a game because it isn’t every day your siblings have the opportunity to be a spectator at a college sporting event. Friday and Saturday night the Bobcats hockey team will be taking on Oklahoma University. Saturday the Men’s Basketball Team is playing Eastern Michigan.

Go to a show because it isn’t every day that you or your siblings have the opportunity to see acts such as So yOU Think You’re Famous? (a lip-synching battle, Friday) or Waka Flocka Flame (Saturday).

Go outside because even though it is cold, Athens is amazing and Ohio University Outdoor Pursuits is putting on some awesome events. They are taking groups to Old Man’s Cave at Hocking Hills for a hike on Saturday, and they are hosting ziplining at the Ridges Saturday and Sunday. They are also taking groups to the Ridges Friday and Saturday night for stargazing and a campfire.winter-class-gateway_2

Go to a movie at the Athena Cinema because they are celebrating their 100th anniversary. The sibs weekend movie is The Labyrinth, and it is playing at 7 PM both nights.

Go to the Kennedy Museum of Art because it’s a free museum and they are having sibs weekend exhibitions and activities from 1-3 PM on Saturday. The Kennedy Museum of Art is at the ridges, so while you’re there walk around and enjoy the buildings, history and views.

Go to a party because Saturday OU is hosting a Luau at Walter Fieldhouse with games, raffles and free food; And a Glo Party in Baker Ballroom with laser tag and cotton candy.

From sporting events, to concerts, to ziplining and everything in between, there is something for everyone and their siblings to do this weekend. So please, I’m begging you, get out. Do something new. Make your time in Athens worthwhile. For more information on all things Sibs Weekend, check out the list of events on the OU website!

alyssadasAlyssa is currently in the process of switching her major to strategic communication. When she graduates, she wants to live in New York and travel as much as possible! Give Alyssa a shout out by retweeting her blog post from the @ScrippsPRSSA Twitter account!

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