How to survive a new school year

For college students, a new year doesn’t necessarily start January 1st at midnight. Living in a different place, starting new classes, and going through new experiences happens 8 months after the official New Year begins. Although Bobcats can’t wait to get back to the Promised Land Athens, the thought of class (what is learning?) after a long four-month break seems a bit daunting. However the start of a new school year doesn’t need to cause heart palpitations and slight anxiety attacks. With a couple of things in mind, we can all survive the start of a school year.


“Get your shh together”

Take the advice of Jason Derulo in his single “Ridin’ Solo”. Seriously. Make sure you registered for all your classes, have school supplies and update that Lilly Pulitzer planner you paid $30 for. Getting everything ready before the school year saves you from panicking the night before because you realize you don’t have a backpack.


Tip for freshmen: DO NOT buy books before class! Many times the syllabus will tell you to skip buying the book, so save money until you know it’s necessary.


Remember where your classes are!

Don’t be the person that ends up walking to West Green when your class is in Glidden. It’s better to look like a freshman the first week and make your schedule the background on your phone than to show up to the wrong building.


Also remember when your classes are…

This goes along with previous tip. My first semester my freshman year, I showed up to a 5:15 class at 7:00… turns out the class ended at 7:05, not started then. Everyone makes mistakes….just make sure you’re not the one to make this one.



Get involved

Sorry for sounding like your mom, your orientation leader, and your RA. Getting involved is the best thing to do in college. Explore any interests, go outside of your comfort zone or get involved in something new that you didn’t do or know about last year. College is so much more than just taking classes. If you don’t at least try, you’ll have a year full of stress, boredom and way too much Netflix (yes, there is such a thing).


Make friends in your classes

I’m not saying to become best friends in every class but at least get to know some people you sit near. You’re bound to accidentally sleep in at least once, make sure you can get the notes.



Enjoy every minute of it.

After a long four months of internships and working (or maybe Netflix and tanning), it’s time to go back hOUme. We may complain and whine about how busy we are but face it- we go to the best school. Although you’ll sometimes be caught up in the stress that college brings, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy it.





Vanessa Copetas is a Sophomore studying Strategic Communications with a minor in News and Information. Follow her on Twitter @vanessa_copetas!

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