What does it mean to be a Scripps kid?

Now that I’m a senior, I realize that there is much more to Scripps than the title, or school ranking. Of course we all chose this school because of its prestige, but we also chose it for much more than that. I think we picked this school because we sensed a feeling of family and support, even from an outsider’s point of view as we toured Scripps for the first time. We sensed the hard work and passion that students were putting into their work, and we could feel the pride.

So the question remains, what makes up a Scripps kid? I put together a little recipe that I think suits us all extremely well.

  • 2 cups of passion
  • 2 cups of dedication
  • 3 cups of kindness/support
  • A pinch of competition
  • 7 cups of coffee
  • 4 Tbsp. of energy
  • 3 cups hard work
  • 1 tsp. of sass

If you mix it all together, you have the average Scripps kid sitting in Schoonover on a Sunday night. Your recipe may have more of this and less of that, because we’re all unique, but we still all share many of the same qualities. These are all the measurable qualities that we embody, but there’s also some intangible qualities we share.

Scripps is filled with like-minded individuals who bond over late night projects, successes, and failures. It’s a place where we support and care for one another. However, my favorite part about being a Scripps kid is the sense of togetherness. Scripps is something bigger than just a college within Ohio University, it’s a place where we can find a home within each other. That feeling is something almost impossible to measure or even explain.

I’m confident that I’ll walk away from the Convo this May with a family behind me to support me for years to come. Leaving Athens, Ohio doesn’t mean leaving each other, and it definitely doesn’t mean leaving our Scripps family. That, to me, is what it truly means to be a Scripps kid. Family that we’ll have for all eternity no matter where we go.

Jess Carnprobst is a Senior Studying Strategic Communication with a Marketing minor and Global Leadership Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @jess_carnprobst!

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